Airtel 7GB with N2000 – 3GB for N1500 + 3GB – I Just did it!

It is really working, well, Airtel Nigeria are really doing their best in 2017 to surprise and keep their customers. One of the Giant Telecom in Nigeria has been playing hard to keep it tight since 2016!

Right now, the Airtel 7GB for N2000 is working perfectly. Likewise the Airtel 6GB for N1500! It is up to you, to decide which of them is right for you!

This is the Message i received after subscribing to the Airtel 7GB for N2000;

AIRTEL 7GB for N2000

I hope you now believe it, do you want to subscribe then dial *141# and follow the guide. Goto Buy Data Plans, then Monthly Plans, then N2000 for 3.5GB!

Meanwhile, for the Airtel 3GB for N1500 + 3GB!

airtel 6gb for 1500

To activate this bundle, the guide is on the image. However, it is the same stuff with Airtel 6GB Bundle!

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  • I am on airtel trybe. I tried subscribing for 6G for N1500 and was told when I dialed the code that I am eligible for that offer.

    How can I be sure that i am eligible for 7G for N2000. I don’t want to waste my money.

    • Hello Prince, thanks for the Question, it looks like the 2000 for Airtel 7GB was actually a promo… So don’t try using this influence to test it out. But you can still subscribe to the Airtel 3.5GB for 2k maybe, you might get the 7GB you are looking for.

  • Sorry they said am not eligible for 6GB offer for N1500 .

    well it’ll pain me to subscribe to N2000 expecting 7GB and end up with 3.5GB.

    • Hello Mrs Uloh, the promo is still working only if your Sim card is eligible for the 100% data bonus, which is available to both Old and New Sim cards, to confirm if you eligible, then dial *144# or migrate to Triple Surf Offer.

      Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

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