How to activate Airtel 6GB for N1500 and 3GB for N1500 Plan

We are still in the race! With this latest Airtel 6GB for N1,500 you can browse and download without looking back! Although, it is cheap but it also  works for all Phones!

Today, we will explain the process on how to activate the Airtel N1500 data plan, and it eligible for all devices, Smartphones and Laptops.

Airtel Nigeria are increasingly becoming one of Nigeria’s most trusted mobile network, they have proven to be the best in today’s network coverage.

The Airtel N1500 bundle plan is exactly the best right now, but only when you are aiming for an affordable plan. Lets learn how to activate the plan.

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How to activate Airtel 6GB for N1500

To activate the Airtel N1500 for 6GB, you can follow the below procedures:

*. Just buy a new Airtel SIM Card.

*. Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.

*. Insert the SIM in your phone.

*. Recharge your SIM with N1500

*. Dial *141#

*. Enter 3

*. Confirm and start browsing

Now, you have to understand that the 6GB is different from the Airtel 3GB data plan. And it is available for both NEW/OLD SIM card. You can dial *141# and send. It is for 7days.

Please disregard this old message: “Special Privileged!! Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just N1500. Dial *440*161# for 30 days. Usable on all devices. From Airtel Nigeria” Anyways, it is still official from Airtel, all you have to do is to recharge your sim with N1500 then dial the code, you are good to go!

Airtel Monthly BB Complete

How to activate Airtel 3GB for N1500

To enjoy the Airtel 3GB data bundle plan, you can go ahead and follow the below procedures:

*. Recharge your SIM with N1500

*. Dial *141*1500#

*. Confirm and start browsing

This Airtel internet plan is for both OLD and NEW sim card. The Airtel 3GB plan is for 30days, while the Airtel 6GB is for 7days.

You can dial *140# or *123# to check your data plan balance. They are both valid for 30days.

Airtel Data Plan Code

*. N1,000 for 1.5GB – 30 Days
*. N1,200 for 2GB – 30 Days
*. N1,500 for 3GB – 30 Days
*. N2,000 for 4.5GB – 30 Days
*. N2,500 for 6GB – 30 Days
*. N3,000 for 8GB – 30 Days
*. N4,000 for 11GB – 30 Days
*. 15GB for N5,000 – 30 Days
*. 40GB for N10,000 – 30 Days
*. 75GB for N15,000 – 30 Days
*. 110GB for N20,000 – 30 Days

Are you using Android device, PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry device in Nigeria? Then this new Airtel Data Bundle Plan will really make your day and month amazing! Even after subscribing to other Airtel plans, this Airtel is one of many!

You can check other Airtel data plan for your Smartphone and internet enabled device. You can feel free to share this article with your friends online, using the below share buttons.

166 thoughts on “How to activate Airtel 6GB for N1500 and 3GB for N1500 Plan”

  1. Don’t mind any fool saying this doesnt work. I’m not a bot, and I jst stumbled across this mistakenly. I use thus sub before I actually got here and I’m 100% sure that it works, it’s only eligible for certain users and those saying otherwise are jst pissed that it doesn’t work for them. Am sorry if it doesn’t work for you. Have a nice life y’all

  2. Admin, please kindly add me to the WhatsApp group 08037547433…you’re doing a great job reaching out to a lot….keep it up!

  3. Dear Admin, please kindly add me on the WhatsApp group…08037547433…you’re doing a great job that is reaching out to a lot of people….keep it up!!!

  4. Yes,iam using this 6gig very good, but my question is that, if I can’t finish it until validity period reached what should I do?(example my 6gig will expire on 30th-10-2017,I remain 2gig on 30th-10-2017

    • Most times, it doesn’t just sound right but it is. Airtel usually come across some issues in their service maintaining. The best solution to this, is to try it out after 24hours and it doesn’t go well. You can try out the 10GB for N2500. It also works wella, dial *144# to check if you eligible or click on this LINK!

      Your feedback would be highly appreciated. It is my pleasure.

    • It works for some selected sim. Before recharging, dial the code first and if its says “Insufficient Balance” that means you are eligible but when it says “You are not Eligible” that means you are not.

  5. Everyone, including admin, should know that the 6gb is actually 3gb of data!! I have just tested it by downloading a 2.1gb application. It actually cost me exactly 4.2gb of data. This is actually a blackberry data plan

    • Hello Oke, to be sincere, at first, the 6GB didn’t work out when I subscribed. I thought, it was from my side but later on, people were like, “Hello Admin, this N1500 for 6Gb is working, please change your post settings and others” All I did was to revert the post to the normal way everyone would like to view to it.

      Thanks Oke.

  6. I am not receiving services on my airtel number in my oluyole extension zartech road and I can’t recharge where there is no service pls help me.

  7. Is there any a person can configure his/her phone, so that the 6gig plan can be accepted on the device(android)?…because my sim is saying, that I am not eligible for the plan.


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