Airtel 3GB For N1000 and Airtel 1.5GB for N1000 – How to activate this monthly plan

Currently, MTN and Airtel are the best mobile network for browsing and downloading. Meanwhile, Glo is trying to build up their network mass.

Right now, Etisalat, or 9mobile is still trying to become their best in the market, field, struggling from one hand to another.

Airtel took advantage of that by secretly introducing new data bundle plan called Airtel 3GB For N1,000 Data Plan. Where you can easily browse the internet for 30days, but with N1000.

Here is how to activate the Airtel 3GB for N1000 data bundle plan, and enjoy one of the cheapest plan from Airtel Nigeria on your Smartphone.

How to activate Airtel 3GB for N1000

The code is simple to activate. Even the Airtel hourly plan cannot match this newly launched plan.

*. Just buy a new Airtel SIM Card.
*. Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
*. Insert the SIM in your phone.
*. Recharge your SIM with N1000
*. Dial *141*1000# to start browsing

It is as SIM as that. Normally, Airtel N1000 plan, gives you just 1.5GB but Airtel is doubling it for you with another 1.5GB, which is 3GB in total.

How to activate Airtel N1000 for 1.5GB

To activate the Airtel 1.5GB for N1000, you can follow the below procedures:

*. Recharge your SIM with N1000
*. Dial *141*1000#
*. Start browsing

Note: The Airtel 1.5GB for N1000 works perfectly for any SIM card, old or new. While the above Airtel 3GB for N1000 is strictly for new SIM card.


Airtel 3GB for N1000 Validity

And yes, it is a monthly plan. It is valid for just 30days. This plan is the Airtel normal internet package that is recommended for all internet enabled devices.

Using the plan can last you a full month as long as you’re not a downloading much movies, musics, videos, applications or games.

Airtel 3GB for N1000 works on which device?

This plan is simple to activate, if you are interested. To check-in for balance, then dial *140#. Please note that this plan works on all devices which includes:

– Android
– Windows phone
– iPhone
– iPad
– Symbian
– Java
– Laptops
– Computers
– Modems
– MiFI and other internet enabled devices.

Airtel Internet Plan

Airtel Data Plan PriceData CapsUSSD CodeValidity
N5020MB*141*50#1 Day
N10075MB*141*100#1 Day
N3001GB*141*354#1 Day
N5002GB*141*504#1 Day
N200200MB*141*200#3 Day
N300350MB*141*300#7 Day
N5001GB*141*502#7 Days
N15006GB*141*1504#7 Days
N500750MB*141*500#14 Days
N10001.5GB*141*1000#30 Days
N1,2002GB*141*1200#30 Days
N1,5003GB*141*1500#30 Days
N2,0004.5GB*141*2000#30 Days
N2,5006GB*141*2500#30 Days
N3,0008GB*141*3000#30 Days
N4,00011GB*141*4000#30 Days
N5,00015GB*141*5000#30 Days
N10,00040GB*141*10000#30 Days
N15,00075GB*141*15000#30 Days
N20,000110GB*141*20000#30 Days

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  1. I lost my phone last year and l want to get it back (08026010853). How do l do it.

  2. It doesn’t work on my android device or Java phone

  3. I tried it on my iPhone but can’t browse with it, but the 3gb was given. Don’t know what to do now!
    Any help?

  4. this is not working on other devices abeg. try something else joor! I have done it , 3g dey ma fone now I can’t browse wit it. it’s just a risk

  5. Pls is d 3gb still working? And whats d sub code

  6. is not browsing on Android phones ooo, a hve two friends that tried it. they received the GB but is not working

    • Maybe Airtel are having some kind of service fluctuation, so look for a blackberry phone and browse with it, after testing it there, insert it on your phone and browse with it.

  7. Nnh, this is not working for me and have tried different methods

  8. Unfortunately i gave to 2 of my client but it aint workin.

  9. Hav tried but is nt working

  10. Mine is even worst i tried imagine 1000 for 1 day plan

  11. two of my friends in their myoffer for airtel data,have 4gb for 1000 naira,which I FOUND UNCOMMON ,how can I ACCESS IT TOO……

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