How to get Airtel N1000 for 3GB - Cheapest Airtel Data Plan

This is really great, to all the Airtel users out there, we are very happy to announce to you that a lot of users are going to enjoy one of the greatest and most awesome deals of their time.

We got messages from them as of recent but due to some offline works, we were not able to publish this article immediately but today, I scheduled this time out for this.

Telecom companies in Nigeria are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. A lot of other countries have unlimited browsing once the subscribe. But here in this side of Africa, every thing is capped very low.

You may have been subscribing to the Blackberry plan, where you use N1400 to get 3GB but right now, we are very happy to inform you that they have subtracted N400 from the amount, now it is, recharge with N1,000 and get 3GB!

To Activate this Blackberry plan, all you have to do is to recharge N1,000 on your BB, just dial *431# for 3GB!


Is in’t that great, however, the problem there is that, it doesn’t work on all phones, it is specially made for Blackberry phones, if you have other phones, there is still another great deal for you, continue reading to see for ya self!

This below data bundle plan works on all phones be it Java, Android and the rest. Here, that Airtel N1500 for 2GB plan has now been increased to 3GB. This plan works on all device but I can’t guarantee you if it will zap normal or not.

You can Migrate to this Airtel plan, by recharging your Airtel Airline with the total sum of N1,500, the next thing to do is to dial *431# for 3GB. That’s all!

Before you subscribe for the Airtel BB Complete Plan, please ensure you have the option to use in a Blackberry Device if it does not work on your Android Smartphones or Computer/Laptop.

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