Airtel 3GB for N500 & 1GB for N200 – New Airtel 2G Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria are planning on bringing a much better competition than GLO Nigeria. Airtel shook the internet with it latest Data Bundles by introducing more amazing but cheap data plan and their activation codes. This is Airtel 2G Plan.

The Airtel latest New Data Bundles Plans offers 3GB For N500 and 1GB For N200. Probably, later on this year, one can pay just one thousand to browse the internet unlimited for one full month, nonstop.

What you must Know about Airtel 3GB and 1GB Plan

Airtel Nigeria has set this latest Plan to work only 2G network. That is to say, if your phone is using 5G, 4G, 3G network, all you have to do is to manually goto your (using my tecno c8 direction) Settings >> …More >> Mobile networks >> Preferred network type and then select 2G network. Just like the image below.

airtel 6gb

And again, you have to make use of new Airtel sim or any Airtel Sim that you do not have any existing data bundle plan on because upon subscription, it will automatically deactivate any existing data plan. Please Note this, because it is very important and essential.

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And lastly, this Airtel Plan works on all device, you do not need any tweaking of a thing, all you have to do is to dial the codes below and get started.  The plan currently works both day and night. That is one special plan! That is all. Read the activation code and the validity period of the plans.

airtel 2g

How to Subscribe Airtel 3GB for N500

You can activate Airtel 3GB for N500 by dialing *482# and choose the 3GB plan, or dial *482*2# that is all. And note that, the validity period is just 25 days!

The Plan is really cheap and affordable. It is a new plan from our Airtel Telecom Nigeria and it works on device but note that, it is a Night Plan but works both day and night.

How to Subscribe Airtel 1G for N200

To subscribe to Airtel 1G for N200 plan, dial *482# then select the 2GB plan, or dial *482*1# that is all. The validity period is 14days. Remember it works on device and it can be used both day and night. 

All you have to do is to make use of new sim card because if you dare subscribe to this newly plans, it will automatic deactivate any existing plan for instant.

How to Opt-out of Airtel 2G Data Plan

It is very simple and short. Below are the step by steps guide on how to opt out of this Airtel Plans. Just dial *482*4# and you will receive invalid request message, Don’t worry, >> Reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive something like this “You have cancelled your 2g data subscription

Do you love this New Airtel Bundles Plans or do you have any other necessary question to ask? Then make use of the below comment box to express your feelings. And also, please try to share this post to your friends online using the below share buttons like Facebook, G+, Twitter and the rest of them and Pin it to pinterest. Thank you! Happy Weekend!


  1. I tnk d airtel plan is only for opara mini

    • Hello James, did you tried the Data Bundle? Remember, it works both day and night! And it only works on 2G network selection… Check how to go about it by reading the above steps carefully!

      • hello,please I just subscribed to the airtel 2G plan and it been activated but I couldn’t connect with it. please help me out with it.

  2. I hate it. They haven’t helped me in any way. It’s like when u go to a wedding and u see plenty food on ur table only to find out its plastic

  3. hello oga I have subscribe but how to check my data balance

  4. Please does it work on PC through Modem

  5. Can you download with the 2G airtel pack?

  6. come, did you say only on 2G network? How do I migrate to 2G network please?

    • Lols, there is nothing that concerns 2g network and migrating of a thing. Just goto your settings, then mobile data or more… then goto network and choose 2g network or you can use the above settings. Ahima, funny comment.

    • Lolzzzzzzzzzz…. just Switch your phone to 2g… no need to migrate

  7. I cant download with it why?

    • The network is too down, it will only download where 2g network is active, try browsing or downloading near a satellite pole.

  8. I did it and it’s working fine but the internet is just too slow ?

  9. How can I cancel the 6GB N500 naira plan I tried using *482# and follow the step but it keep on saying is not recognize. Am using BB10

  10. Thanks I have tested it is working perfectly.

  11. is working fine, but to check a data balance is a problem and have tried *140# but they didn’t show the data balance likewise *223# too, thanks.

  12. Pls any other plan.. 2G is not strong in my area

  13. does it really last till the validity no matter how u use it

    • It will last but only when the data remains. When you finish the bundle, the bundle plan get exhausted.

      • But isn’t this just funny and rather a thievery act by airtel to offer its subscribers such a bogus MB on a platform (2g) when they know it’s shitty network and not worth the trouble, more like taking money for services not rendered? I have three lines, all of them airtel. It’s so frustrating sometimes but they still remain the best.

  14. Pls hw can i knw the mass dat is of airtel to stand nd brows

  15. Please I’m trying to subscribe but it is saying I have an insufficient balance when I have 300 in mah balance acct

  16. Does it work on BB10?

  17. And how do I deactivate it when I want to and does it work on tablet device?

    • Yes, it works on Tablet device, you don’t have to deactivate it when you are still using it, instead when it finishes, you can subscribe go a newer plan.

  18. It actually works on my 3G network…. I’m actually doing a live streaming Sunday service presently

  19. Hello,please am using samsung s4,and the way their network mode is witten is different. this is the way it’s listed on my phone.
    3.WCDMA ONLY….please which one out of the three can i refers as 2g?

    • GSM is normally known as 2G network. Meanwhile, you can choose WCDMA/GSM first before trying the GSM mode… If you select LTE/GSM/WCDMA (auto connect), your phone automatically switches between the three network modes provided that you’re within range of a 4G network…. like this;-

      Samsung Galaxy

  20. Am trying to check my account balance by these codes *223# and *140# non of them show me d balance

  21. My phone doesn’t have GSM only, it’s only has those three i listed..thanks

  22. can the plan be use to watch YouTube????

  23. The 500 For 6gb Does It Work With 3G network?

  24. does it work on pc….i mean using my modem in browsing?

  25. I’ve tried it,it’s working perfectly thanks to Airtel but have trying to check the balance.I’ve tried all Airtel balance codes,it’s not working

  26. Does ds subscription work on BlackBerry curve? Tnx

  27. Please i want to know if the 6gb for N500 is also for 2g network only.

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  29. whatsapp. 08138822514 .the name is kennedy

  30. Add me on whatsapp group 08092396322

  31. WhatsApp group,,add up pls 08092396322

  32. hello why cant I download using the airtel 2gb and please how can I check my balance… please reply

  33. airtel is finally causing wahala for other network see i use to have sleepless night over that mtn 25naira for 900mb 0:00 to 4:00 am all night but i think this one is better. one more thing is I HAVE A DREAM THAT ONE DAY ALL NETWORK WILL BROWSE UNLIMITED FOR 1000NAIRA FOR ONE MONTH AND FREE WIFI EVERY WHERE YOU GO. CAN I GET AM AMEN TO THAT.@S9BSURAJU

  34. Hello what I don’t fully enjoy in this plan is it can’t be deactivated because right now I have switch over to my BB plan but can’t browse with it not until the 2GB get finished???

    • How to Completely Opt Out of Airtel 2GB For N200 Data Plan

      Dial *482*4# and you will receive invalid request message.


      Then reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive “you have cancelled your 2g data subscription”

      Happy Weekend!

      • hello admi, my phone doesn’t have 2g alone but have 2g/3g and 3g. can it still works with this format? please add me to your WhatsApp group through this number 08102747961, thanks.

      • after 3 it shows send and cancel what do I press next i want my money back thanks

  35. please have tried to subscribe but the response I get is” you are not qualify for this plan”

  36. please I need the answer urgently

  37. Whatsapp. 07058775092 name is cool running

  38. Please I can’t browse with my uc browser only opera mini y?

  39. Please what if my data gets exhausted before the two weeks, can i subscribe immediately or do i have to wait after the two weeks.. I subscribed yesterday but am pretty sure mine won’t last me a week, it’s remaining 1.5 gig already.. Please answer me

  40. arukwe eberechi felicia

    Can i rollover with the 6gb plan

  41. i tried it, its workin wella in my area. wel don!
    add me on whatsapp pls.. 08160349350


  43. I have tried it…. It’s working.
    Pls, add me on your whatsapp group 08034762445 – Ebbycrown

  44. can it work on whatsapp and other apps. also, what code can I use to load #200

  45. pls, can it work with mifi, universal?

  46. pls, can it work with mifi, universal?

  47. Pls add to ur whatsapp group 08122185173… nd does it mean if u are using d 3500 plan before and u suscribe to d 500 for 6gb…. u can’t go back to suscribe 3500 plan again

    • You can subscribe again after you have exhausted it but you are not expected to have any current Data on your Airtel Sim because It automatically removes it. Thanks Tobby.

  48. it works , ßuh it lasts only 10days,! #Gosh

  49. Really!!!this airtel monster plan

  50. How can I use d data on my laptop using my phone wifi hotspot

  51. Pls add me up 07082035781

  52. How do I check data balance on airtel 2g subscription?

  53. How do I check data balance of airtel 2g subscription?

  54. Its working in my area
    add me pls to whatsapp group

  55. is there anything u can do to it work on 3g?

  56. is there anything u can do to make it work on 3g network

  57. I’ve been using the service for the past 5 weeks and its awesome. Kudos to Airtel cos I can be able to download, the 2g network in my area is super strong. My advice: try your downloads MIDNIGHT. Cheers.

  58. how long does it last? 1week or 2 weeks ? or a month;??

  59. Thanks 2 u guy,itz really working on all device,tanks a lot.pls add me on whatsapp 08026580738

  60. I am pretty sure it does nt work on java phones but does it work on trybe or smart speedo platforms nd wat of blackberry curve 2

  61. Yes I have try this plan but it wouldn’t work with my 2G

  62. does this work perfectly sha?????????

  63. Thnks a lot guy its works on my phone perfectly very good pls and pls add me to your whatapp group

  64. The data is somehow slow in my area… Pls add me to ur whatsapp group.. Dis is my no 08120747158.. Thanks

  65. What about the #50 for 1.5gb for night browsing,I subscribed for it instead of 1.5gb it gives mE 11gb what does that means am I being fooled or what?

  66. 11 mb rather

  67. what about if the network is strong in your area can you use it to download

  68. I like the data plan is working perfectly on my Tecno C8 phone apart from the fact that is slow, I download, and open so many apps with it. But please, i have two android phones can it be shared ?

  69. i works but geez its damm!!! slow gosh its annoying tho any tip to make it go faster with my pc ?

  70. Currently, the N200 data lasts for 10 days while the N500 data lasts for 25 days

  71. Good Evening, Before going ahead to Activate the plan. Can I Stream with 2g

  72. Chukwuebuka ogbuchi

    Nice data plan.

  73. Muhammed Abdulazeez

    does it work on nokia (symbian) e71? Thanks

  74. Muhammed Abdulazeez

    and also airtel said is an unlimited bundle is that true ?

  75. pls I only av 3g and auto 2/3g can it works on my phone

  76. does that 200 for 2G and working for 14 day does it real

  77. pls DAT weekend plan av done it but I can surf internet help me out

  78. pls boss add me up on whatsapp 08109581372 and 08142658807

  79. Ya dats wat am using since but Jst can’t check d balance pls add me on whatsapp 07064506408

  80. nice plan. av been using it for quiet sometime but it valid for only 10days instead of 14days.wats d matter?

  81. Can it work on my nokia asha 200? Thanks

  82. Can it work on my nokia asha 210? So that i can watch youtube, Thanks.

  83. Pls do add me on watsapp…here is my phone number….07064830568.

  84. oladele olanrewaju

    am using Samsung galaxy s6….. I don lyk dis plan cos i can enter my phone web

  85. Does it still work now??

  86. Thank you for this wonderful information

  87. Add me to the whatsapp group please.. 08103313108….Thanks.

  88. does it work on all application

  89. Am using Tecno W4,subscribed to d 2g Pack yesterday but can’t browse at all with it. Pls what could be d problem.

  90. hello,can this data work on BlackBerry 10,bcoz have subscribe but they are deducting my money

  91. The plan is not working at all its just waste of cash.Airtel disappointed

  92. Am using techno L8 subscribe for d 2g plan but can’t browse at all after switching my phone 2G network

  93. please do the airtel 2g work on Android phones

  94. Is the plan still on till now, why must it be 2G can’t it be 3G i live in an area that i really need to make use of 3G, i have had an airtel sim for long would it work pls kindly reply all thanks

  95. Add me to whatsapp group 07065522998

  96. Cn it download thru play store?
    Mean while pls sumone should help me get jennifer’s diary 7. Thanks. 08125396141

  97. I have a blackberry z10…please i would love to know if the Airtel BBcomplete sub works for it…Been using glo but the network has been messed up since Dec last year…and i wanna make a change…

    • Hello, are you aware that Glo, Etisalat and MTN have discontinued the use of Blackberry Services for Blackberry users. So leaving you with now choice than using the Airtel BBcomplete sub of N1500.

  98. Please friends,

    Can somebody help me out for Manual settings of Airtel and GLO for Lumia?

    Thanks friends

    • This is the GLO Manual settings for Lumia.

      In your Lumia Windows Mobile Go to Settings -> Cellular -> SIM Settings -> Add Internet APN

      APN: gloflat
      User name: flat
      Password: flat
      Proxy server (URL): Blank
      Proxy Port : Blank
      IP Type :Ipv4
      MMS APN
      APN: glomms
      User name: mms
      Password: mms
      WAP Gateway (URL):
      WAP gateway Port : 3130
      MMSC :
      MMSC Port: Blank
      Maximum MMS Size: 1024
      IP Type :Ipv4

      Airtel Manual setting for lumia

      In your Windows Phone Go to Settings -> Cellular -> SIM Settings -> Add Internet APN

      User name: Blank
      Password: Blank
      Proxy server (URL): Blank
      Proxy Port : Blank
      IP Type :Ipv4
      MMS APN
      User name: Blank
      Password: Blank
      WAP Gateway (URL):
      WAP gateway Port : 9201
      MMSC Port: Blank
      Maximum MMS Size: 1024
      IP Type :Ipv4

  99. How long is d validity of the 500 for 6gb??

  100. Is this awesome service still available right now?

  101. Please how do you check the balance data.

  102. does it work on synbial phone?

  103. Is not interesting, I can’t watch YouTube videos. I don’t like it.

  104. add me up on whatsaap if you have good infos on very cheap plans that works,because i make a living off surfing on the internet , please only if you have a good info, thanks alot 07067036096

  105. Does it work for iPhone

  106. is this service still active?

  107. can i use it to download anything s

  108. it’s too slow

  109. The 6gb plan for #500 works with 2g or 3g network

  110. Can I still subscribe is it still active, can I do video calls with it

  111. Pls add me on ur whasapp 08027358100

  112. I greatly enjoyed your page! Please kindly add me on your WhatsApp group?

  113. I greatly enjoyed your page! Please kindly add me to your WhatsApp group! God bless you! 08034530094

  114. Thanks it’s working perfectly.
    Please can I share it?
    If yes please send me the transfer style.

  115. Add me to the group 09056450710

  116. why is it giving me zero balance when I subscribed to the 6g for 500? and my money was deducted.. Pls help me coz I am confused..

  117. It’s awesome plan 5-star to Airtel Nigeria, I really enjoy it to dwnload alots of movies nd social networking, yhu can check ur data balance by dialing *141*7# nd u gonna receive a message with ur data bonus, luv u guys @Airtel.

  118. 08085671649
    Add me on ya Whatsapp group. The name is Charles!

  119. I subscribe for #200 and when i check my mb balance using *140# my data is display as 2G pack and its expiring date but,when i use *223# my android data show 0mb. The fact is my #200 was taken for the subscription and i can not browse even with the 2G network. Can some one help,pls!

  120. I’m using itel Android it’s a very smart phone and it has 2g network but it’s not steady, when I want to download the 2g network blinks In and out, I suspected that it might be the network is not steady due to my location, but I want to knw …., when can this network steady or what can I do to mk it steady? I wanna download apps that’s y.

    • Hello Divine, it is network issue. And right now, Airtel isn’t working on a 3G Standard network, the downlink and uplink are too bad. So you can either try it during Night hours.

      FBL will appreciate your reply.

  121. please is the plan still working on bb device? Q5 and pls wot d code to sub for 500

  122. 2g airtel, 10 days or 14days validity?

  123. pls guys add me to ur group…08106503393

  124. Hello, admin subscribe me to this post so I can get feedback.i will drop simple steps of downloading with it

  125. does it do instagram???

  126. plz add me 08030959281to ur group

  127. please add me 09030323631

  128. Pls Have anyone try using it on 3G network? Is it working well? N can I use it to download anything?

  129. Yes, Airtel is now competing with the likes of Spectranet, ntel and Smile. Good moves for their unlimited data plan

  130. when i tried i got a message that reads “dear customer, you are not eligible for the 2G pack, please dial*141# to select from our rich bouquet of affordable price…how can i be eligible.. please i need help

  131. Help wen I dial *482# I didn’t see option for 6G on 500, and am on 300 unlimited data but can go on YouTube, IMO or gmail and play store.
    wat do I do pls ???

  132. sorry, I mean on 300 unlimited I can’t go on YouTube, play store , IMO and gmail

  133. add me on whatsapp :08163522798

  134. I tried it the first time and it works bit now its telling me I’m not eligible. what do I do?? 08137037359

  135. I tried so hard to join my sister on this package but it kept that she is not eligible for this. Pls what can she do.

  136. Hello guys, I have recently tried the airtel 2g sub and it seems to be out of use. what’s the new way of doing it.

  137. This data plan is very slow and uninteresting. MTN is still topping the chart with unbeatable browsing speed.

  138. 07031377501 pls add me to ur WhatsApp group

  139. when i used 2G airtel data last year it is more realable than any thing u can think of.

  140. please don’t Airtel have any for Pc, cause is very slow using the 2G network, if any pls inbox me….

  141. Please does this 2g plan work on 3G phone’s

  142. Please help me out

  143. Can the plan work for Social Networking, or it just for Opera Mini?!
    Because, my BBM just keep “Connecting”!?

    Pls, add 0802-775-6544

  144. Hello Admin can it work for my tekno T660? Java support with opera mini

  145. if I put 200 they will give me 1GB instead of 2GB Y

  146. Muhammad Ahmad Waziri


  147. Awobifa Ilerioluwa

    Pls admin I just subscribed for the 2g 500 on my airtel sim but I’m using it on my wifi but just about 2 hours after it can’t browse anymore , what could be the issues pls ?

  148. good day admin, I sub for Airtel 2G of #200 on my infinix smart for over 5hours and hv turned my phone network to 2G Only still I can’t access the internet… why

  149. I love the package I just want to if the package is the same with the previous 2g thanks

  150. my phone is gionee v183 is using 3g/4g network, there is no 2g network, is there any subscription for 3g network and 4g network? and how can I change to 2g as I have 2g subscription in my phone presently!.

  151. Pls who has recently done the 500 plan? want to know how much GB you were allocated… thanks

  152. wow am glad for the information that I saw.
    please I have question to ask, is any amount you can use to subscribe for data, that will last for you till the day of the expiring date.
    my point is. Is if you subscribe for a date can you make you of it as much as you can, if yes is going to last till 7, 14 or 30day

  153. Yo….how can I get a data plan of 12gb…
    Or unlimited that won’t stop my data after like 5gb pls

  154. Just want to know, if the 2gb data plan still works, and does it still work for both day and night?

  155. This information is Appreciable, I will try to avail this soon, by the way what simcard is eligible for this plan?

  156. Have been on the plan for days now and have lodge complain to the network provider and it doesn’t work

  157. Can i active it two times

  158. I cant view d data why, my money has been taken, no information about d Surb

  159. Is there code to dail and Chang to 3G

  160. I had no data subscription but I already bought the data before changing to 2g. Can it still work?

  161. This plan is just another rip-off by Airtel, think it is highly insincere to deceive people into subscribing to this useless plan. The data is there but cannot be used – just like one of the other networks around. What is the usefulness of a bountiful data that cannot be used?

  162. I optioned out because the plan is bad. And when I checked my data balance there is still a lot of MB.
    And I want to option in. Am unable to do so. How will option in? And fined something to do, because yoir service is too bad.

  163. I regret it dat I subscribe to 2GB

  164. I have subscribed but am unable to use it ?pls I need a reply

  165. I did the 2g stuff but when I put my phone setting to 2g it won’t get service

  166. I regret joining the bundle plan.I should have read all these comments..its like seeing foood but you cannot eat it. Its not working at all. I do not advice enemy to go for it at all

  167. I can’t use the plan even after following all the steps.pls help me out

  168. I guess I see’s obviously not working.i think this is not a kudos to Airtel and this is quite unfair for taking customers money and not rendering the expected’s my fault by the way I didn’t look before leaping.i wish I read these comments

  169. Abdulhamid Abdulhamid

    I subscribed for #200, it wrote successful but it did not work
    As in I wasn’t able to use it and my airtime is lost

  170. Abdulhamid Abdulhamid

    I subscribed for #200, it wrote successful but it did not work
    As in I wasn’t able to use it and my airtime is lost

  171. from a disappointed guy

    i wish I have read the comments before copying the code and unfortunately subscribing.
    Airtel sucks for real!.

  172. Can it work on 3g network

  173. Please can I transfer a 2g data plan and if yes I did transfer 200mb and it showed transfer successful but my balance was still the same and recipient did not receive anything

  174. Can this plan work on itel a11

  175. Pls wen will this plan be activated s it midnight or anytime I subscribe

  176. Alaebonam Collins

    I just activated it and it’s not working on my phone…..
    What can I do please……

  177. Please what is unlimited packs? and how can i make use of it?

  178. Hi I did the plan it’s working perfectly on whatsapp and facebook but to post on my instagram page it’s becomes very slow it doesn’t even post at all I tried changing my phone to 3gb back but that is not working either please what can I do about it sir

  179. Hi I did the 1gb for 200 it’s working perfectly on whatsapp and facebook but to post on my instagram page it because so slow sometimes it doesn’t load the videos or post anything same goes to Tik tok please what can I do about it and I tried changing my SIM back to 2g/3g but that didn’t even work at all I hope you understand what I’m trying to say sir!

    • Victor, I do understand you very much. The bundle was specifically made for 2G network, that is the real it doesn’t load videos or posts on Instagram. You have to find a way to change your SIM back to 2G.

  180. Can I do watup calling with d 2g

  181. it’s very slow but it gets the job done

  182. Please I just trying to subscribe to this 2g network but it is the 500 that will give 6gb I want to do how effective it is ? And is going to work on 3g/2g? Please I need a response

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