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This Airtel download bundle gives you 1GB for N350 – Have you tried it?

Introducing you to the new Airtel Download Bundle. Where you can get 1GB of data everyday for just N350. To download your movies, musics etc.

Airtel Nigeria are particularly known for introducing mouth watering deal. But the new Airtel data plan called download bundle is amazing and it comes handy.

If you are looking for a portable Airtel plan, which is suitable for downloads, then you can easily activate this bundle and enjoy the internet.

Today, we will outline the procedures and step by steps guidelines on how to activate the Airtel Download Bundle for your handset.

What is Airtel Download Bundle?

The Airtel download bundle is an amazing bundle plan for Airtel users, that delivers 1GB for N350 and it allows uses to download videos, musics, movies, applications, games and many more on a daily basis.

Which actually states that, you can only activate this Airtel bundle plan on your mobile phone daily. Airtel is delivering 1GB plan for just N350.

How to activate Airtel download bundle?

To activate the Airtel download bundle plan, recharge your SIM card with N350 and dial *141*354# to activate now. It is suitable for all devices.

Eligible devices, includes Android phones, iPhone, PC, Laptop, Modem, MiFi, etc. With 1GB data, you can do a lot of things on the internet.

Airtel Download Bundle

Airtel SIM Eligibility

However, at this time, the company is leaving some important words about the plan. But all SIM cards are eligible and it is sure if you received this message on your SIM card, which reads:

“Introducing the new Airtel Download Bundle. Get 1GB data everyday to download movies, musics, etc for just N350 daily. Dial *141*354# to activate Now.”

The Validity of the plan is one day. That means, if you activated the 1GB plan for N350 by 12pm, it will expire by 11.59am the next morning.

Airtel Internet Bundles

If you are not interested, you can check other Airtel Data Plan, that might be suitable for you:

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13 thoughts on “This Airtel download bundle gives you 1GB for N350 – Have you tried it?”

  1. Godforbid too slow wat a god wil punish u fr wasting my moni lyk dat u pple ar wicked would have added 150 tu it dats 500 would have use it tu buy 1gb for 500 u pple beta remove dat supid plan supid pple

  2. I activated this 1GB i could not use half of it before it got expire,i try all my possible best to use it but it was by then network services start disturbing and this has be one of the method airtel are using .

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