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Aipoly Vision App helps blind people see – Wins CES 2017!

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This is one of the innovative from CES 2017! Not that the Aipoly Vision makes blind people to see, it also speaks 7 different language.

And it Wins the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2017. Isn’t this amazing? With this Aipoly Vision app, you never have to talk much to a blind man as it recognize more that thousands of items at a time.

Are you interested, the Aipoly Vision is available for FREE now! In other words, Aipoly Vision is a smart application that allows the blind, visually impaired, and color blind understand their surroundings through bringing object and color recognition to iOS free of charge.

aipoly vision app

You can download the software free of charge, and it’s optimized for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Inside the app users can toggle between Aipoly Vision’s two main functions: object recognition, and color recognition.

After choosing which mode you’d like to use, the app then allows iOS device owners to point their iPhone or iPad at an object and receive either a guess at the name of the object, or the color which lies beneath the application’s crosshair.

Online, the developer explains:

Aipoly can identify several hundreds of objects right from the start, without any training, and can do so three times a second. No need to snap pictures, the app will constantly see and think.

Well, the Aipoly misidentified both an iPad and a computer in a testing, although color recognition seems to work flawlessly.

Take a look at the video below;

Anyways, users can add new objects into the application by typing in their description, and the developer promises enhanced understanding of objects through future updates and support.

The app will also be able to understand scenes in a future version, too (allowing the software to identify more complex scenarios, like “a dog near a lamp post,” according to the developer).

You can download Aipoly Vision now on the App Store, and as mentioned, it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Stay in touch, when the Apk version is out, we will definitely update you!

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