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How to activate and register Access Whatsapp Banking in Nigeria

Banking in Nigeria is becoming much more easier and efficient. This is a direct NO to those awful and stressful standing at the doorways of banks, forming a queue that is disgusting and somewhat frustrating.

Say hello to Whatsapp Banking! They are currently four banks that has paves way for Whatsapp banking in Nigeria. We sincerely do hope that, other first class banks will join suite. With the introduction of Whatsapp banking, customers will easily stay at home and achieve their seamless banking experience.

What is Whatsapp Banking?

Whatsapp Banking is an effective and productive way of easing the stress of customers who are willingly to perform certain tasks with any bank in Nigeria. It brings bank customer care to an immediate service with their customers.

Whatsapp is an instant messenger, that is available on all platform of devices – Android phones, iPhones, Desktops. With the instant messaging, Banks in Nigeria can now have an instant chat with their customers.

Benefits of Access Whatsapp Banking?

They are wide-range uses, benefits of Whatsapp banking in Nigeria and they includes:

– It is less frustrating
– Check BVN
– No queue
– Open Account
– Less transport fee
– Pay Loan
– Transfer Funds
– Airtime Top-up
– Balance Enquiry

access whatsapp banking

How activate and register Access Whatsapp Banking in Nigeria?

To commence Access Whatsapp banking, follow the below steps:

– Download Whatsapp
– Save +234 9090 901 901 as your contact, (Access WhatsApp Banking)
– Go to Whatsapp, and send a message “Hi”
– A menu will appear for you to select an option.
– Select ‘Register’
– Input your first and last name
– Input your email address
– Input default Access Bank Account Number”
– Registration is complete.
– Access WhatsApp Banking will ask if further assistance is needed.
– Your number must be associated / registered with the bank.

“All service requests on Access WhatsApp are treated instantly, and the speed of transaction is dependent only on the internet connection of the user. Services customers can access via the Access WhatsApp Banking platform include; BVN display, Balance Enquiry, Request Payday Loan and Account Opening. Life has gotten easier, now that Access Bank has brought banking closer to you, on WhatsApp,” the bank added.

Which Bank support Whatsapp Banking?

Currently, they are four apps that support this. And they includes:

– Access Bank
– Guarantee Trust Bank
– UBA Bank
– First Bank

First Bank of Nigeria said its WhatsApp chat banking will ensure effective services to the customers. The will enable customers to leverage the real-time messaging capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Solution to check their account balance.

GTBank said “it would leverage on the WhatsApp Business Solution to offer Nigerians an additional channel to connect with it for enquiries, service requests and access to other basic banking services”.

Whatsapp supports end-to-end encryption, hence, I really don’t expects any leakage in messages, that may contain the username, passwords or any other form of important credentials.

With the Whatsapp banking trending in Nigeria, sooner or later, we might have the Whatsapp Pay introduced in Nigeria. After all, Whatsapp banking might propel more users to download the app, and thereby, increasing the markets share in Africa.

31 thoughts on “How to activate and register Access Whatsapp Banking in Nigeria”

  1. Funmilayo Deborah adenekan

    I made transaction through pos and the money as not been withdrawn immediately I call the customer care they gave me almost twenty working days now have not seen the money is gtb bank I don’t understand

  2. Trust me, they will not reply you I have being chatting with access bank for a while no reply. Other banks whatsapp banking work faster with no delay

  3. I did a withdrawal from POS and it was failed and the order one is declined now they debited me in my account I just need help now

  4. I want to register for the app but it’s showing me I should put banking ID but I don’t have and how do I get it?this is my account number 0057000560

  5. Abiona Abiodun Funmilola

    I made a transaction this evening through POS. It was declined but I received a debit alert if ₦1500. Kindly refund

  6. Afolami oluwatoyin victor

    Have been debited for a transaction which did not go , 6,250. I want my money refunded please. Afolami oluwatoyin victor … pos RRN: 000000016565

  7. I have been trying for the past three days to get access Bank urgent or emergency loan but they keep telling me that I’m not eligible whereas am not owing access Bank and the account is equally a salaries account.

  8. Pls I was debited 5300 on the 23 of may 2020 through zenith bank pos which it was a failed transaction and up till now I haven’t seen any reversal.pls I have been calling since morning but no response from any of the customer care and I urgently need assistance. Am Amos chioma Sonia and this my account details 0048118023 access bank. I hope to get a possible responds soon

  9. Ramota kehinde muraina

    Good evening please I need your assistance I made a transfer from my account on the 15 of may 2020 16,000 up till now I have not been debited and the money is not in my account since then please help me with the situation 0808751766 Ramota kehinde muraina to this account 0023538337 access bank please help me to reverse the money back please

  10. For you guy’s that did a transactions and wasn’t successful, it not WhatsApp it you bank, especially in this pandemic period, it happens to me and my girlfriend via sms and mobile banking

  11. Quadri zainab adetoro

    Pls look I used pos and I was decline and my money was deducted and nt yet refund since on d 17 of last month I need it oooo

  12. i was debited of 1900 twice on the 5 or 6th of March without doing any transactions. I was so quicķ to move the remaining money to my zenith accout yet i got alert which read -3200 as if am owing access bank. today someone mistakenly sent 2500 and it was taken too. i think my account has been hacked. 0049320144
    okeke perpetua .
    please check.

  13. I transferred money to someone (my hair dresser) since Friday morning, she even check her account yesterday up till now the person have not see the money what happen?

  14. I transferred money to my friend account since morning. The person haven’t gotten alert. He has check his account nothing is there. What happened?

  15. I try to buy recharge card of #1500 for 9mobile and the bank deduct my money twice without given me recharge card. Pls refund my money please

  16. Debit
    Amt:NGN6,969.08 Dr
    Desc:Principal Liquidation 099PDLP2005608G6 200
    Time:25/03/2020 @21:47:45
    Avail Bal:NGN18,033.34
    Total Bal:NGN18,033………
    I don’t understand you guys oooo you guys debited me without don’t any transaction please ooo refund my money shape shape oooo

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