Access Bank Customer Care: If you have any issue or complaints concerning the services of Access Bank Plc, and you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to contact the bank, then you are actually in the right place. Because, we have provided different platforms that can be used to quickly reach their customer care services.

They are bunch of ways, that you can use to contact the bank, either via online or offline. There is the Access Bank customer care mobile phone, line, live chat, Email, Social media platform like Twitter or Facebook. Possibly, you can also visit their nearest bank branch near you.

Well, they are bunch of reasons why you must contact your bank. From transfer failure, to BVN checker, card lost issue, ATM card not working, not receiving sent cash and many other services failure. Anyways, you can reach them quickly from any method used below.


Via Mobile Phone Number

Access Bank customer care line or mobile phone is +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000 and you can also reach them at 01 280 2500.

This is their official phone number that you can possibly used to contact them quickly. Using phone number is quite annoying, as you have to wait for few minutes, if not an hour before your time reaches. Anyways, it has also proven to be the best among the rest.

Via Social Media

You can contact Access Bank customer care via Twitter at @accessbank_help, while the @myaccessbank provide financial services to people that love financial success, music, food & the good life.

Like it or not, but Twitter is the best platform that you can easily use contact virtually any company right now, they provide 24/7 help via their official Twitter handle.

On Facebook, you can quickly contact them via @AccessBankPlc. Facebook might not stand as the best place, but it is definitely another easiest platform to reach their customer care service.

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Via Email and Live Chat

You can send Access Bank customer care service a message containing your name, complaints, issue, account number to [email protected] or via Live chat HERE.

Sending message via email is quite amazing, but the Live chat comes third after using either phone number or social media platform. Anyways, Live chat has to do with staying on the internet still your issue is resolved, usually takes about 5minutes to 20minutes.

access bank customer care

Ombudsman Contact details

There is the Ombudsman also, which provide a free service and investigate complaints that haven’t been solved by the organisation complained against. If your complaints hasn’t been met to your satisfaction, then you can possibly put them on call:

Access Bank Plc., Head Office
Plot 999c, Danmole Street
Off Adeola Odeku/Idejo Street
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email Address: [email protected]

Access Bank claims that their contact center is a world-class customer interaction center which offers you 24/7, real time information and assistance with your accounts from anywhere in the world. Well, we are still yet to confirm that.

About Access Bank

Access Bank, is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.


  • Am stranded here.i want to do ussd transfer on my phone is not going,i have went to the bank for more than three times all to no avail,the last time i went there then instruct me to go and use there outside telephone i called that keeping on ringing without any positive result kindly help me over it even if its used kindly help me am stranded,am on a seek bed i want get some drugs

      • Hi am stranded here, i did transfer from my first bank account to my account no. 0716631161 since yesterday until now the money hasn’t been deposited to my account

      • Thunder wan fire you abi access bank I do 1000 naira data from my account t my sim you debit me and didn’t send me the data don’t let me sue you to court over this mattert

    • Pls, I just want to know my account number,I have forgotten it and I want to found my account.pls send it to me through either SMS or my email.

  • Good day, I was debit 10,000 without paid using first Bank P.O.S on the 2nd/August/2019. The money have not been reversed back to my account. Here is my acct information: Chimezie chuks ozadinma..acct number: 00710..592..pls, I want you to look into this details…. It very on unfair for the this action from the bank.

    • Good morning Sir/Ma, I try to withdraw 10000 with account number 0080875199 on pos first bank the transaction shows decline but they debit date my account till now it has been revise to me, transaction date 9/3/2020, please kindly intervent thanks

  • Hi I made a transfer to a wrong account this evening
    My account no 0080089224
    The wrong account I transfered to is first bank 2023474101 fashola saliu Abbas amount is N12200

  • Good morning my name is kamilu adeniji qossim 25 thousand naira was paid into my account 0006808685 by 7 30 pm yesternight I couldn’t see the alert till now

  • I Anifowose Yusuff Olalekan with the access account number 0013481625 sent a sum of #2,000 to a G.T.Bank account 0139251501 Oluokun Kudirat Toyin on 24th September,2019 and the beneficiary is yet to see the money and the money is not refund to my account.

    • I wonder why this bank have conspire with GTB to frustrate my life I made a 200,000 naira transfer to a customer in access bank only for him to get credit alert and reversal alert without reflecting in his account now am stranded in Lagos with accrued expenses I find budget for before I will go online and publicise this or make a formal report to any authority please refund my money today

      • Please visit your own bank’s nearest branch and lay your complaints. Going on social media to rants or publicized it via any other tools won’t help the situation.

  • Why is Access Bank Aguda, Suru-Lere branch asking customer to come back after 4 working day just because BVN name is having third name while the Receiver’s name is not having Third name.what makes is more annoying is that this same issue was demanded to be resolved previously by the same branch for the same purpose. Apparently, the Branch didn’t resolve the issue then. asking customer to come back the after 4 days is not fair when issue can be resolved same day. can someone urgently assist with this, please.

  • Good Afternoon,please i was debited (60,748) on online failed transaction since second of this month till now, i have call the customer service line for several occassion but they keep telling they are working on my complain, my acct details 0003101684. Ijale Friday Igbang. requset urgent attention on the reviser of my money.

  • Good day I recharge 150 naira from my account to my surprise after that 150 been deducted another 262 naira was deducted so please i want my money back immediately, Thanks

    • Hi, I recharged 1000 airtime from my acct on Saturday 11/01/20 around 9.03 pm, my acct was debited while the recipient acct not credited. Moreso, my acct was also debited 100 airtime again on saturday 14/01/20 around 9.12 pm. Kindly work on this and reverse my money please. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  • I am Otimgba Victoria Amarachi by name ,am a serving Corp member in Abia state my state code is AB/19B/4001 pls i transferred 25000. Naira to these ecobank account 8104731214  BLESSING ATTABOH on Friday for business they called SURE PAY investment , not knowing that they where scammers ,pls is there any procedure I can follow to retrieve my money from them.

  • please i don’t understand what is happening,i made a transfer of money to an account but the person said he had not seen the money but now i want the money to be called back to my account but the annoying part of it all is i have visited access bank more than 4 time different types of story please someone should help me here can’t understand what is happening

  • My name is Davidson oguche account no 0039388293 i took a facility with your bank and was given a repayment shedule can somebody explain to me why the interest deducted for this month of february is more than what is on the shedule as soon as possible before i take further action

  • When I try to make a deposit to my game account you did not put it but yet you will return my money last time you draw 300 steam you don’t 200 Hunters must be every time now please can you just kindly return my money back to my account and let me see it but I don’t understand it you don’t my money without no deposit the money into my Gmail account so please check into it thank you

  • Pls I joined racksterly and the business has been fold up but have not been refund.I was directed make my complaint here

  • I was debited from my account yesterday wit the some of 10000,when making some transfer to first bank account

  • Someone transfer money to my account yesterday up till now the money has not entered into my account why

  • Please help me out,I was debited while trying to transfer to my UBA account and up till now have not been took place at access bank ASA road road aba ATM machine thanks (a/no-0089136949, onyeocha ekene Eugene).

  • Please admin I made transfer from my access to my first bank it did not go through , have made complain and they said 10 Working days , and am leaving the town to my home town port Harcourt , can I still contact port Harcourt branch for assistance

  • Morning the admin pls there was an issue with my account; am having money there and am unable to withdrawn the money.

    • I went to a pos stand to withdrew money. Unfortunately I was debited with no cash. I immediately lounge in a complain. Called customers center severally ,until no positive outcome.promised today a reversal would be made. Happened on the 9/03/2020 .am totally disappointed

  • pls refund my money. i bought 500 credit after the first attempt failed. to my surprise 1000 was deducted from my account. i only received 500 credit. it happened since day before yesterday.

    • Please I loss my ATM card last week, since then I don’t have time to go the bank to block my card and today I discover that someone is widrew my money.
      Please can you people help me block my ATM card

  • Hi. I par took in the access bank salary advance loan. However, my total salary for February has been zapped off and including my meal allowance to was paid today.

    Therefore, I need someone to put me clear on this.


  • Why my transaction keep saying my request failed, that my account cannot be accessed at this time. Why going wrong with access Bank?

  • I don’t understand how you people charge ridiculously without proper reason. I was charged for card issued recently which I don’t need the car anymore. but, to my greatest surprise I was charged 1128 naira and now I just saw a debit withdrawal for 50 nair stating that is for postal stamp duty. which I don’t understand why all this is happening like that.. please I need to speak to the bank agent for this

  • i made some transaction 09/03/2020 and the transaction is fail and I have already been debited of six thousand one hundred naira so I went to the they gave me 14 working day I didn’t see anything and I called the customer care they say they will get back to me and I don’t see anything since then if I come to your bank tomorrow they will not like it cause I will display my madness

  • I need help with my new account ,i just open the account today ,i have 1000 in the account and i want to recharge my phone and tell me transaction not permitted ,transaction limit exceeded .
    and i dont know what to do now , i need help with it

  • Sir/Mrs please I used pos on the 21st of March 2020 and they debited me the sum of 20,500 I have filled form until now no avail u people should help me am stranded I need to buy drugs for my children.acc name is.umukoro lucky nwachukwu.acc num is.0074841098

  • Good day sir/Mrs please I need help since on the 21st of March 2020 I used POS machine and they debited me the sum of 20,500i went to the bank and they said that I should fill form of wish I did.after seven working days that they will reverse it until now no response.i am really stranded I need to buy drugs for my child please.acc name is umukoro lucky nwachukwu.acc num is.0074841098

  • Good day Sir/Mrs please I need help, since this year i have been depositing on my account but i dont get alert be it on email or SMS noon of them, i make a deposit of 10k yesterday 3/04/2020 and also make a deposit of 5k today 04/04/2020 still no alert in the both way i need help to know the status of my transaction, my account details, IGBOAUNSIA CHIDIEBERE, ACCOUNT NUMBER, 0006618590

  • I bought airtime from my access bank account airtime worth 7000 naira by mistake is there a way for it to be over turned

  • Good day I was debit3000 without paid using first bank p.o.s on the 21/m/ have not been reversed back to my acct, here is my acct information faith Simon 0093307757.they even send me number I don’t no what that means case number 545448-f3TiG7 pls I need my money back to my acct thank you

  • Please I need the code to transfer money from AccessBank to another bank. I misplace my ATM card

  • Pls I need to transfer money from my access. Account to another bank and is just saying I can’t access it for now pls what’s going on

  • Please am having trouble with my ATM card, maybe it’s been blocked, please kindly unblock it so that I can be able to transact. Thanks, am using another account because of this.

  • Please i mistakenly transfer money to wrong account number yesterday by 11pm please i want to be reverse back into my account.
    The wrong account number 0241971376 wema bank.

  • I have a savings account with the details: 0105727104 Susan Chenemi Daniel. Transfer or ATM withdrawal is restricted and I am in desperate need of my little money this shut down period. My account has been update very recently.
    Please remove the lien so i can use my money now that am in need of it.

  • Pls I was debited today for , debit card issuance , which I never requested for , because I don’t need it, pls I need my money refunded to to my account because I never requested for debit card thanks

  • I went to withdraw with my ATM card, unfortunately my card was sized and I was debited 5035 on 31/3/2020 @21:24:29
    My account no, 0056679980
    Desc:ATM WDL @10582573 GTBANK GENERAL hospital.

  • hello my pleasure bank
    I did #30,000 transfer from my bank acct 0044436725 to GTB Bank since 20min ago but its not successful then they haven’t refunded my money back. Please I use God Beg you.. Help me reverse it back

    • Hello Mayowa, please wait for N24hours to 3days, and if it doesn’t reverse, visit your bank’s nearest branch for more details. We are not affiliated or endorsed by Access Bank, as we can’t help you from our platform. Thank you.

  • Please, l recharged amount of 200 on my airtime some hours ago yet l was debited but not credited. Could u do something about it?

  • Please and please, help out as a matter of urgency
    been having problem with my account transactions, and I need you to rectify that for me as a matter of urgency, the money in my account is not my own please work it out for me
    My account number is 0779955309. Oladunni Gbenga Michael

  • I want to withdraw #5000, from this account no 0091236462, account name ganiyat temitope lamina, I use a POS machine of zenith bank, I was debited while I didn’t receive money, pls act fast that is my last change, and I need to feed my kids

  • I had #4000 in my account and #200 was deducted for Piggy vest but my account is reading #3600 instead of #3800

  • Please i have problem to Activate my Android phone for Internet banking . Authentication was given to me on my phone as message after puting my Account number. but it keep sayying invalid. 11 has been sent to me now as text messages, when i input d last one (nvalid code)
    Please i need assist.

  • since I open my account in NYSC camp. I did not have any access to it talkless of withdrawal or transfer my allawee, and this is lockdown period, no bank operation for now .

  • Hi, I tried buying airtime and making transfers on my nokia torch light phone, only to find out the format of everything has changed. There is no option of making a tranfer or even buying airtime. I was asked to open an account with my bvn which is quite confusing, cos I have been using the same phone for all this transactions before now. Please I need help urgently, I need to send money to the village.

  • I send 10,500 to Abubakar manu dikko micro Finance Bank today now 4mrch
    But he not recieve the money, and them there are not reversal My money
    My account Number is 0043992820 FAHAD ALIYU DAKINGARI,
    Thnk i sport diamon access.

  • I send 10,000 to 0097456749 this account the did not sent and my money was not reverse back plz help me access bank since Mach😭 my own account number 0760302501

    • Hello, we can’t help you from here, it is advisable you wait for at least 24hours to 3day, and if the money was not reversed, you can then visit the bank and lay your complains.

  • Plx I misplaced my acct number and I don’t have debit card can u please help me find it true my fone num 08062336625

  • Hello good morning I recharged on my account to my phone number yesterday and I can’t see any airtime on my phone but I was debited.pls refund my money back to my bank account or you send me the card I requested account number is 0828015422

  • Good evening,I transfered money from my access bank account to my keystone bank account this afternoon around 2pm n until now I haven’t seen alert on the keystone bank and I have been names are Kingsley offem.pls try n reactify it.

  • Good evening sir,I transfered money to ecobank account from my access diamond bank and I was debited and yet the customer hasn’t received money #10,000.pls kindly reverse
    Thank you
    Kingsley offem

  • Please I was sending money 500 for someone and the person have not receive it is like the money hanged

  • Access Bank, just as you do spoil persons account balance in illegal way and unnecessary deducting of money that available balance will be different from total balance, I say ur life will not be balance, you will be frustrated as that’s how God will spoil yours too. God go punish all of you punish ur generation. È no go better for you all. U ll all vomit it either by hook or crook. It shall not be well with you and your generation. And I’m not hiding my self at all

  • Good morning sir/ma..

    I was debit the sum of #2478.65 as at 4:39am this very morning which I never collected.. The last transaction I did before I got the debit alert was #5100 with the transaction fee…

    Please help me to resolve this issue.. I don’t know who withdraw the fund from my account….

    This is the debit alert below

    Amt:NGN2,478.65 Dr
    Desc:POS/WEB PMT 650-2530000 650-2530000 00US
    Time:29/05/2020 @04:39:13
    Avail Bal:NGN1,132.28
    Total Bal:NGN1,132.28

    I will be very glad if this issue is Been resolve soonest… Thanks

  • Please if you help me with this I’ll be so grateful. I misplaced my account number can you help me get it back?
    Here are the account details follow:
    Acct name: Joshua Stanley Evah
    Phone No: 08101261430
    DOP: 13th – june- 1984.

  • Please i paid for DSTV Subscription on 19th June,2020 through Internet banking transfer , the did not give me transaction number but my account was debited with 2,107.5( DSTV subscription and associated charges). I called DSTV office to activate my decoder but they said access bank did not remit any money to their account. I have been on this for the past three days. Please i urgently request for your intervention to remit the money to DSTV or return my money to my account.

  • Good Afternoon, My Name is Ige Temitope.
    Pls I tried Withdrawing Cash through POS on the 15th of May 2020; the Sum of 3000 but was unable to get Cash and I was debited, And since then My Money has not be Refunded
    I sent an Email which there was No Reply.
    Will be glad if this issue is Looked upon and been treated,
    Thanks so much.

    Amt:NGN3,000.00 Dr
    Time:15/05/2020 @18:14:02
    Avail Bal:NGN31.34
    Total Bal:NGN31.34

  • I made an ATM quickteller transfer of 57,000 on 18th of june 2020 at ekwulobia anambra state to a first bank account 3085123787. Till now the money is yet to credit to the receiver and my account as well is yet to be reverted after being debited. I have made a complaint to a branch of Access bank in onitsha, yet to no avail. Please i need the money to be sent back to me for i am in urgent need of it

  • Please I got this message from you people, we are updating our records on your account, ******6761 please submit your ID & utiliy bill at any branch or scan these documents to rvc @access bank plc, I am not in the country for now and I’m not with any documents, I’m alive oooh, no body should touch my money

  • Hi, I have problem with my account and, I can’t send or receive any transaction, and I can’t view it. Pls help me out

  • Good afternoon please i made a transfer this morning and I was asked to put my atm last 6 number but up till now the person hasn’t received the cash but I have been debited.

  • I have made a transfer of #13,800 from my access acc 1228085262 to my zenith bank account. The access acc is debited which zenith account is not credited. I faced this problem 3 time.
    Now is right time to leave your bank due to the above mentioned problem.😰😧

  • My name is mr efedi desi Desmond
    On the 6/07/2020 I use a pos at apo Abuja and I was debited and the pos declined #20,300 I called and they ask me to wait for a reverse till today making it 3 working days please i need my money back to my account

    • YES, you can easily link your BVN to your Access Bank Account. To do this, simply text your account number and BVN number to 20121 e.g. BVN 06812345678 22498765432 to 20121.

      Another way is via internet banking also, Login on the Internet Banking platform
      – Select the Service Requests Menu
      – Select Initiate Service Request
      – Select Link BVN.

  • Recently I keep getting you are not eligible for loan at this time but I have been borrowing since and am not owing
    I want to still borrow money help me fix this issues
    Chioma Gloria u

  • Am Nwabueze Esther I have sufficient balance in my account but not been able to withdraw for the past two days now it keeps telling me Do not honor,system malfunction or unable to complete

  • Good morning, please I will like to know if the Nigeria Army form is out ? And I may apply for the form at your bank…..?

  • Access Bank to me has one of the worse customer care services. I will sent an email and for more than 48hrs there won’t be any reply from them.

  • I swear to God you people will keep removing my money in my account without debit alert let this be the first and last if any nonsense to happen to my money you people will not take it funny and beside I will stop banking with you guys nonsense people

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