For a Foldable iPhone in 2020 – Apple and LG are working together!

One of the biggest Smartphone companies Apple is reportedly working with LG Display which is known for its OLED works, to manufacture a Foldable Phone in 2020!

We all remember the Bezel-less design era and the newly integrated Face ID, all-glass design, and many others, but for the next generation, we meant to be looking at a Foldable phone from iPhone!

Apple iPhone X OLED Screen was made by Samsung Mobile, the Korean Giant and each unit are bringing enough cash to Samsung, if tho, they don’t get success with their Galaxy. And it is already earning huge cash for Samsung.

The Bell (via The Investor) reports that Apple and LG Display are working closely to develop a flexible screen for a future-ready iPhone.

samsung foldable phone

The report claims that Apple is investing significantly in LG’s plant responsible for the manufacturing of the flexible OLED display.

Well, it is not only the iPhone that is practically talking about Foldable phones, Samsung Mobile is also in the production of the Foldable Smartphone, which is meant to be launched next year!

The rumored foldable phone from Samsung is speculated to be called the Galaxy X, the unique smartphone will be shown off for the first time, either at CES 2018 or MWC 2018.

Everyone knows that Samsung is well equipped to make flexible panels for smartphones and tablets. Although, Lenovo has been releasing concept images of Foldable Smartphone.

But on the other hand, Apple isn’t working with Samsung for this one hence, they may be expecting a possible leak from the display arm of Samsung, which is why the iPhone maker is teaming up with LG.

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