9mobile customer care contact number, email, live chat and social media

9mobile customer care agents vary from personified three digits numbers, actual phone numbers to live chat, electronic mails, and even social media accounts.

Well, 9mobile customer care is 200, it happens that not everyone knows this except the network users. However, this three-digit number that can be easily used to access the network provider.

Except for the fact that it is like other telecom service provider customer numbers, which makes you stay in the queue for a lengthy period of time.

The salient reason for publishing this article is creating awareness of the possible ways to call 9mobile customer care numbers.

Reasons for calling customer care numbers

There are always reasons to call a telecom customer care number, from difficult questions to slightly difficult inquiries. Anyways, let’s list them out.

1. My phone number isn’t working?

2. My SIM has been deactivated?

3. I can’t recharge my phone number?

4. How to migrate from plan to plan?

5. Illegal deduction of money?

6. How to activate my sim?

7. How can I stop re-occurring packages?

Support customer care

9mobile customer care numbers

The personalized and official 9mobile customer care number is 200. Below contains other phone numbers that can be used to reach them:

1. Dial 08090000200, if you are calling from another network within Nigeria.

2. Dial +2348090000200, if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

3. Physical Address: Plot 19, Zone L, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

4. 9mobile experience centers & kiosks: Go to this link.

Via email

The company’s official electronic mail address is care@9mobile.com.ng. You can easily reach them via this address, and must send your complaints according to the below details:

– Your full name
– Your phone number
– Complaints
– Send

Via social media accounts

It has been proven positively that companies tend to respond faster when contacted via their social media accounts. Such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.

In respect to that, we will list out the social media account of 9mobile, so you can easily send them either a private message or tweet to their page, which will make the answer more faster.

1. Twitter: @9MobileNGCare

2. Facebook: @9MobileNG

3. Instagram.com/9mobileng

4. Linkedin.com/company/9mobile

9mobile customer care contact number

How to activate your sim card

*. Register the line/sim card number.
*. Activate by dialing 200 & follow the voice instruction to select your preferred package.
*. Recharge the line within 48 hours
*. Make voice or data activity online.

How do I borrow airtime or data?

*. Dial *665# to borrow airtime or data.
*. You can borrow credit again even with existing credit

How do I migrate from one package to another?

You can migrate from one prepaid package to the other by dialing any of the applicable codes. some packages attract migration fee. to migrate,

*. To morecliq dial *244*1#
*. To moretalk dial *244*2#
*. To cliqlite dial *244*10#
*. To talkzone dial *244*8#
*. To moreflex dial *344*amount#
*. To moreflex evolution *320#
*. To morelife complete *620*1#

We just provided some answers to a question, FAQs that will require you to contact 9mobile customer care contact number, email or social media accounts.

Please, understand that 9mobile’s live chat link isn’t working for the main time. We definitely hope that you find the contents of this article amusing and satisfying. If you have any questions, please use the comment box.

35 thoughts on “9mobile customer care contact number, email, live chat and social media”

  1. I have not been using your line for many months now because you always remove my money anytime I recharged that I have opted for data, package and all sorts, but I never. For this if you don’t stop this and other games which I don’t need I will throw away your sim.

  2. Hello sir/ma,all my efforts to request for my line to remove from blacklist is aborted! kindly help me;my line is 08171244068 am usually received the subscriber is on blacklist message anytime am requesting for advance airtime or Data since 4days ago.

  3. Hey, kindly STOP the automatic renewal of data purchase on my number anytime I recharge my line.
    09097826613. This is highly unacceptable. I have written severally and nothing still has been done about it. Is pure scam!

  4. My other phone was stolen with my Etisalat (9mobile) sim card. There is no Etisalat office, shop or kiosk where I am. Although I know both my NIN and Etisalat numbers but how do I go about linking them?! ??‍♂️.

  5. I bought #1200 credit on Tuesday and just realized that I don’t have data anymore.
    Normally, when I bought #1000 credit on moreflex it last for 1 week or more but now I have in my balance M200 & N2892.40 in my MoreFlex account.
    How come that I have no more Data in my account

  6. Thereis an illegal deduction of money anytime I recharge within some seconds I can’t find it again without making call….and whenever I want to borrow data I will told my number is blacklisted

  7. hi I lost my sim and i have tried to retrieve it with no success. pls how can i retrieve my sim with numer 08173468794

  8. @admin. Why do you only reply those with sim problem and you’ve not answered those your company keep charging/deducting their airtime unlawfully. I get consistent charges from ring back tune i didn’t opt-in. Is unfair

  9. I am always haven unnecessary deduction on line. I try all my best to reached your customers care representative but I couldn’t

  10. My 9mobile line has been barred or blocked after 3months of not using it . This is the number, 08091358641. I have registered it already .please , unbar it

  11. Please have registered my SIM for like 3times and I don’t know why you guys block my number again…..08097799292

  12. I recharge 1000 airtime to somebody tru my bank and the phone number is mtn number but he told me that is no longer mtn but etisalat .

  13. how do i doe my sim card registration on line because i hardly placed calls
    my number is blocked the number is 08189998338

  14. The data balance on my internet modem is valid till 18th April 2020. How do I reactivate it since I cannot visit any 9moile office.

  15. My SIM has been deactivate,am unable to call or receive calls as well and the SIM ask for punch number and I can not find the number again because are being using the sim for years now. What can I do.this is the affected line 08173136872

  16. I bought 1,000naira air time today but did not receive any air time. This is the 3rd time this is happening. I bought 2,000 and 500naira air time but did not receive any air time from you guy. This is a reap off and right time to quit your service.

  17. I have not been able to reach someone on 09092859350 in Owode Yewa for about a week now, Ogun state. It use to connect but we are not hearing each other on voice call.


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