How to activate 9mobile 1.5GB for N200 data plans

After announcing the 4.5GB for N500, 9mobile is ready to enter the cheap mobile data plans market. This is the new 9mobile 1.5GB for N200 data plans bonus.

The new 9mobile 1.5GB for N200 is available for all mobile devices, it works for all gadgets such as phones, laptops, PC etc. However, it is much like the former 4.5GB.

Going in line with the 4.5GB on 9mobile, the new data plan is only eligible for new customers who recently purchased a new SIM card. That said, if your SIM was eligible for the 4.5GB, it goes the same for the 1.5GB also.

9mobile 1.5GB for N200

How Do I activate 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?

It is much more simpler and easy, register a new 9mobile sim and dial 200 and select 2 to join the Cliq. After joining the CLiQ, dial *229*10*15# for 1.5gb.

Remember, that the 9mobile 1GB data for N200 is still blazing fast. The validity of this 1.5GB for N200 bonus offer is 5days only.

Can I subscribe for 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?

The new data plan is only meant for new subscribers. That means, if your SIM is not registered currently, you will receive a failure message during the subscription process. Old or existing customers aren’t eligible!

Devices that support 9mobile 1.5GB for N200

As already aforementioned, the new 9mobile 1.5GB for N200 data plan works for all devices and gadgets. That said, the new 1.5GB for N200 works for all mobile phones (Android and iPhones), PC (laptops, desktops), modem and etc.


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