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85 fake apps on Google Playstore with 9m installations removed!

    Every now and then, fake apps on Google playstore keeps popping up. And the search engine giant, Google has not failed to pay attention to the disturbing acts.

    Few weeks ago, Researchers at global IT security firm Quick Heal Technologies found fake Android app found on Google Play Store which increases download count and rating of other applications.

    These apps did not provide their listed offerings, and it all about promotional stuffs. And fast forwarding to today, we have almost similar issue.

    And this time around, when any user downloads the app, it will show ads every 15-30 minutes. Some apps showed ads every time the phone was unlocked.

    According to the statistics, it is about 85 fake apps, and they have been removed from the app store on Android Smartphone.


    Activities of these apps are suspicious and has caused more damaged than good. Disguised as game apps, or TV or remote control apps, and has been downloaded 9 million times.

    When downloaded, these apps will infects victims’ smartphones with ads, and the only way to get rid of them is to uninstall the app or in some cases, flashing the phone.

    This apps works tremendously, they are well arranged to attack your phone and show different ads every 10 – 15 minutes. The list of the 85 apps can be found HERE.

    It is advisable to read apps reviews before downloading, including the ratings. These app developers are paid for something else, but they end up delivering something more dangerous. E.g of such app: Easy Universal TV Remote with 5m downloads.