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A 7-inch Frankenphone with Android, PC Windows & a projector

This is among one of the amazing technology of all time! This is a 7-inch Frankenphone that features Android, PC Windows, and a projector! All-in-one Android Smartphone. And the specs is really amazing including the price.

Other brand of Smartphone are still trying hard to introduce just one specs but a Chinese manufacturer Akyumen and its dual-OS beast of a phone. Its specs is really amazing and elegant!

With the 7-inch ‘phone’ although, most of all the tablets are starting from 7 inches display screen and it comes with a 35 lumen projector that shoots out a 100-inch image.

Akymen holofone smartphone

And the Chinese manufacturer Akyumen did another soft work by introducin dual boots Android (Lollipop, for some reason) and Windows 10. Not the mobile version, mind you – honest-t0-god PC Windows 10.

Specs of 7-inch Frankenphone

*. Intel Atom (Cherry Trail) 8300 processor
*. 1080p screen
*. Ambiguous ‘High-Definition’ projection resolution
*. 4 GB of RAM
*. 2910 mAh (on a phone this size…. with a projector??)
*. 13 MP camera

Right now, the phone is online! The phone costs $600 (up to $950 with accessory bundles) and is set to release on September 1, but all pre-orders are currently filled. With all these features in one device, you will rock down Android Smartphone!


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