This year has brought the technical writing community many new trends and innovations. People who work with technical documentation need to keep constant track of not only the requirements for each document or manual, but also the trends in technical writing. The intent is to assist someone in completing a task by using useful and clear content.

It’s a double-edged sword, that’s for sure. Writers are expected to write guides for businesses, individuals, user documents, and all other kinds of official or helpful documentation that gives people what they need.

If you find yourself unmotivated or tired of creating technical content over and over again and need a fresh perspective, here are the writing trends you should pay attention to right now.

1. User Onboarding

When you’re aiming for growth, you need to focus on user onboarding. User onboarding means that you are literally acquiring new users, and not only in the sense of them finding your product or service and liking the message or design.

Basically, user onboarding beats the retention problems. It’s one of the rapidly emerging trends in technical writing, but also the most complex since it encompasses plenty of fields.

By definition, user onboarding is the management of the relationship between customers and business. In technical writing, it all depends on your marketing message. The goal is to get users to an active point and convince them to sign up or purchase your product or service.

To do this, you need quality content and an attractive message. Thankfully, if you can’t come up with one, you can always hire a trustworthy essay writing service to help you with this. Most entrepreneurs go for this option because of its importance and how crucial the content element is in the message.

2. New Formats and Platforms

All new technology must somehow be documented. That’s where technical writers come into the picture. Based on the standards of the field, it’s your job to create a message that aids the customer. The most current trends in technical writing are the numerous formats and platform that appear on daily basis. At this point, the fastest growing concepts are augmented reality and VR.

You must be thinking – these have been part of the world for a while now. However, even though they have existed for a long time, they are a relatively new trend in the technical writing world. That being said, if you want to excel in technical writing, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest formats and platforms.

3. Rich Media Content

Plain content is no longer entertaining. There’s simply too much of it. People read content on regular basis, even if it is only on social media. Words and statements are everyone. So, when you’re given a shot at technical writing, you definitely don’t want to just go with plain content.

Rich media content is more attractive and helpful for the people who see it. This is extremely important for technical writers. It’s no secret that one image can tell a thousand words. Content used to be king, but now, rich media content has replaced it.

4. Interactive Content

People learn better when they are included in the lesson. It’s a well-known fact and as such, it’s used in education. As a technical writer, you’re practically an educator. Your goal is to help people by providing them with technical information.

A lot of the time, this information can be complex or require much of the customer’s time to master. So, when you’re writing a guide, you should definitely appeal to the interactive side of the consumer to keep their focus sharp and their memory intact.

Keep people included in your writing. The more involved they feel, the better they’ll understand it and like your content. Your goal isn’t just to stick to the technical requirements or write the necessary word count. It’s to help people learn and when it comes to learning, interaction is crucial.

5. Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that AI has been making tremendous progress, one that no one could have anticipated when it first popped on the market. Today, it’s clearly entering the world of technology, which means that as a tech writer, you need to grasp AI and all the benefits it offers.

Just think about it. We all use spell-checkers and advanced tools like Grammarly for spell checks and grammar fixes. Machines and software aid writers in creating content from start to finish, track the quality of it, and even make reliable suggestions. That being said, AI in technical writing is the grandest trend we see today. It’s still in the beginning stage when it comes to this field, but you should definitely get started now before it all starts moving too fast.


Trends change every year, month, and week. They can change daily and hourly. As a professional, it’s your job to know the trends and follow them. If you want your career to move forward, you need to follow the trends as they happen. We hope that this article helped you in that endeavor.

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Michael Turner is no ordinary writer, not at all. He’s constantly focused on writing, even when he leaves his workplace as a writing specialist and content manager. In his free time, Michael writes about anything and everything. Thanks to his unique style and insightful stories, many people enjoy his wise words.

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