Are you about to launch a new product this New Year? That’s awesome. Now, before you release it officially, won’t it be great to create a slideshow for product preview? You bet. Still images are undoubtedly good. But if you can add some motion to the visual content, the result will be more compelling and rewarding. The post below offers top expert tips to help you create a stunning slideshow for your new product.

Before we get into the slideshow making, here are some tips for the still pictures to be used in the slideshow-
*. Shoot pictures in widescreen and in HD clarity
*. The pictures should be properly lit and devoid of any kind of harsh shadows or unnecessary dark areas
*. There should be no other element in the picture frame other than the product picture

Tips for slide arrangement

Creating a slideshow is not enough. You may have got superior quality product images but you will fail to create an impact if the arrangement is not proper. The idea arrangement for the product preview slideshow is-

1. Zoomed out image of your new product
2. It will be followed by slides on each major part/features of the product
3. Zoomed out still of the image in the last slide

You should also make sure to include different photos of the product from various angles in between. For example, say it’s a new kind of handbag with a special kind of clutch. So, when you highlight the specific feature on one slide, you should include the picture of the unique clutch in the very next slide.

Besides, make sure to mention the USP and special features of the product in the initial slides only.


Add music
It will be nice to add a soft background music to your slideshow. The best tip will be to invest in a slideshow maker software here. One good example is Movavi SlideShow Maker. It helps you to create professional slideshows with your images and videos in just 5 minutes. And you will certainly be able to add music with photo here Choose from either your own playlist or the in-built audio of Movavi library.

Mind the length
The slideshow should not be more than 1 minute. The ideal length for a product slideshow is something between 45 -60 seconds. Your viewers are a busy bunch. If you want them to view your slideshow till the last slide, make it short and crisp.

Include logo
You are creating a promotional slideshow here and hence your main branding element should be present in each slide. The logo must be included in all slides right from the introductory to the concluding part. It will work to constantly remind your viewers about your brand and will eventually help in brand promotion- along with product promotion.

Maintain brand consistency
The entire slideshow should be in tune with the specific theme of the product and also the culture of your business. The theme of your slideshow will influence almost everything you use on the video- such as font, color, textual description, music and so on. For example, if it’s something regarding beauty or fashion, a funky fun music will be great. On the other hand, if it’s a corporate business tool, that same music will be ruinous. You can use a light instrumental music in that case.

Finally, don’t forget to optimize your slideshow for mobile browsing devices. With the online browsing world, fast getting ruled by smartphones, chances are high that most of your viewers will open the video on mobile phones. You need to ensure a smooth viewing experience across all browsing devices.

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