Everyone spends their time doing something. Going to the gym, going to work, going to school and saving money. Gamification doesn’t do this for us but it does offer a sense of achievement and progress when we do. Gamification apps help keep us focused and productive, whatever task we are doing.

What is Gamification?

Gamification can be found in nearly all aspects of our daily lifestyle; from when we get up in the morning to when we go to bed at night and for everything in between as well.

Nearly all gamification apps follow Nir Eyal’s ‘hook model’ of product development: “a trigger turns into an action, turns into a variable reward [and] turns into a further personal investment back into the product”.

This model was inspired by the casino industry technology of slot machines rewarding users for playing and staying on them. In fact, mobile casinos are still some of the most popular apps using gamification and finding out how to play responsibly has never been easier with free spins, money back or cool bonus features on offer. And, while traditional casino games may have become tired, new mobile apps have made mobile casino games much more palatable for modern gamblers.

Gamification isn’t just confined to online casinos. Here are five apps that use the same technology to help users coast through every day with a sense of purpose, achievement – and maybe a bonus level too.

5 Gamification Apps Helping Make Your Day More Productive

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Getting up in the morning and posting a run or bike ride has never felt so good. Lacing up the Nikes to show friends, family and followers how active you are not only brings a sense of well being, it also comes with kudos (Strava’s version of likes).

There’s something inspirational about the feeling gained after exercise, but having others offering recognition and encouragement makes effort worthwhile. Gamification comes with recorded PBs performance on segments and medals for achieving goals.


Once the cycling shorts have come off, it’s time to get into work mode. Todoist is a productivity app helping get all manner of things done from simple household tasks to work projects.

The app uses gamification to encourage users to complete tasks with karma points rewards. As users get more points, they attain levels from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Enlightened’. Points are lost for missed deadlines.

Khan Academy

Kids aren’t missing out either. With Khan Academy’s educational app, the focus is on learning and mastering basic maths, english and science skills. Users earn mastery points and move onto more complex skills through unit tests.

This app isn’t just for kids though, regardless of age, Khan Academy allows anyone to brush up on their economics, statistics, or even the fundamentals of music notation.


Uber has changed the way people book travel but it’s also changed the way it rewards and encourages its drivers too. Drivers receive messages encouraging them to stay on the road with offers of additional rewards for completing daily, weekly or monthly targets.

For instance, when they log out, Uber sends them a message telling they might be a few dollars shy of an objective. Reaching their targets, either monetary or in number of passengers, combined with customer ratings, allows them to earn badges, thereby making them even more likely to be chosen by customers. For Uber, this is win-win; motivated drivers and happy customers.

Smarty Pig

This app uses gamification to reach financial goals. For anyone looking to save up for something, like new shoes, MacBook or a car, this app helps users set their goal. It automatically adds money from their account to the specific goal amount set. So if budgeting feels like a chore, Smarty Pig takes away the work and gives back the fun – with a smart display bar monitoring your goal progress.

It doesn’t matter what a user’s interests are; from online slots to morning bike rides, and from learning a new skill to saving up for something nice, gamification can help users reach targets and goals and it’s well worth finding an app that suits your lifestyle.

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