5 Best Tracking Apps to Track Someones iPhone 2020

Gone are the days when communication was limited to letters. The advent of technology has got us closer. People residing in different geographical zones are a click away with modern communication systems. Whereas, this ease has also brought many issues.

iPhones are one of the most trendy mobile phones in the market. With their encryption algorithms and high-quality graphics, they are leading the mobile market. This has also created many problems as you cannot track the social activities of your loved ones.

Parents are looking for a solution to keep a tab on their kids that what kind of stuff they are involved in their social networking accounts. Moreover, partners want to know the answer to their suspicions about their spouses. Read this article to get familiar with reliable monitoring solutions.

Track Someone iPhone without them knowing it

Hacking is not limited to seasoned programmers anymore. Online spying applications have made tracking possible even for beginners. Tracking an iPhone does not require typing a hundred lines of code. Install any spy app and get started without any manual effort.

But the question is, which spy app to use? Many applications just trick the users and stealth their personal details. Whereas, the reliable ones are costly and use illegal methods. Well, you don’t have to waste time anymore. We have presented economical and trustworthy spying solutions in the later section of this article.


  • Minspy, Track iPhone Stealthily


Minspy is a brand in the spying apps market as you can use Minspy reliably to spy over anyone’s mobile phone. With its cutting-edge technology, Minspy is leading the spy apps market. The support teams of Minspy are available round the clock in case of any problem.

Top 10 Reviews, iGeeksBlogs, Android Authority, Life Hacker, and Forbes are some of the multinational media forums which featured Minspy. People from 190 countries are using it to monitor their loved ones for saving them from getting into any trouble.

With its user-friendly design, Minspy is a choice of beginners as well as professional hackers as it demands no manual effort to use it. The smooth working of Minspy keeps it out of sight while recording the data of the target device silently.

Monitoring an iPhone with Minspy

Minspy is a well-reputed spy app as millions of people are using Minspy to track someone’s iPhone remotely. Minspy does not come up with lengthy manuals. It is an easy-to-use application that requires the following guidelines to get started.

Step 1: 

Create your Minspy account with a valid email id from the official website of Minspy.

Step 2:

Select the iPhone from the list of target devices you want to monitor. Tracking iPhones is not as difficult is it seems to be. Minspy has made this process a cup of tea even for novices. All you have to do is acquire the iCloud credentials of the target person.

Minspy uses this iCloud login id and password for remote installation. You don’t need to physically access the target device at all. Minspy barely takes 2 minutes to synchronize with the iCloud server during the remote installation process.

Step 3:

Finish the installation process to begin tracking. This will open the Minspy dashboard which is not less than a secret record keeper. All the information saved on the target iPhone will be logged to your Minspy dashboard. You can access this information from any web browser.

Services offered by Minspy

Working stealthily, Minspy is a dependable solution when you don’t know the complex hacking methodologies. It is a feature-packed application helping novices to get their hands on spying. The latest updates of Minspy offer the below-mentioned services:


  • Location Tracking


Using Minspy will enable you to track your loved ones on the map to check their real-time location. You can also view the places they have visited the most from the Minspy dashboard. You can also create a virtual boundary around the target device with the help of geo-fencing.


  • Android Keylogger


Keylogger is a built-in utility of Minspy so you don’t have to install a stand-alone application for recording the key presses made on the target device. Minspy keeps a record of all keystrokes which include login information and other data.


  • Monitor Social Media Accounts


Minspy offers you to monitor all social media accounts running on the target device without cracking their password. You can check their stories, shared posts, friends list, and conversation even if they have blocked you.


  • Check iMessages and Calls


You can check their call logs with the help of Minspy. Not only this, but Minspy also provides the facility to read their messages discreetly. Click on the relevant tab at your Minspy dashboard and the recorded data will pop-up shortly.


  • Browser History Tracking


Minspy offers the facility to track the browser history of the target iPhone. You can check the recent searches made by them on any web-browser even if they clear the history. You can also preview their most visited websites remotely.


  • Spyier


Spyier is another well-reputed and safe application when it comes to spying over an iPhone. It does not demand to jailbreak the target device to monitor it. All you have to do is install Spyier remotely using the iCloud credentials of the target person to start monitoring them.

Spyier does not only track their messages and calls but it is also helpful in monitoring their social media accounts. You can check their activities on social networking sites stealthily.


  • Spyine


Spyine is a relatively newer spy application but it has multiple useful services. Unlike other scam applications, Spyine incorporates 100% working features which are best reviewed by millions of subscribers. Spyine works in stealth mode so that the target user could never find it.

You can install Spyine remotely on the target device using their Apple ID. Therefore, there is no risk of being suspected as you will never touch their mobile phones.


  • Spyic


Offering economical packages and easy installation, Spyic is popular in the market due to its user-friendly design. You won’t need a professional hacker to help you in spying over anyone. Spyic works as a secret agent as it discreetly fetches all the data from the target device.

The stealth working mechanism of Spyic helps it remain hidden even after installation. The app logo disappears from the app drawer and installs the app list when you finish the installation wizard.


  • Cocospy


Cocospy has made its position in the top-ranked application with its fully-functional services. You won’t need any technical expertise to get started. Install Cocospy at target device and remotely monitor their activities from the web-based Cocospy dashboard.

You don’t need to install any application at your end. Cocospy is a root-free and remote spying solution that offers economical subscription packages.


Now you can discretely spy on iPhone as these spying applications work secretly without revealing your identity. Minspy is a user-friendly and convenient spy application for iOS devices. You can track calls, messages, check browser history, monitor social media accounts, and track real-time location without jailbreaking the target iPhone.

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