5 best free tools to send a fax via email (Updated 2020)

Although some people think that faxing is a thing of the past, the truth is that faxing was never gone. Faxing has always remained as a powerful and secure way to transfer documents over to some other place. You will get to know all in this guide about how faxing has survived until now, so keep reading till the end.

Faxing is one of the most popular and also one of the oldest methods to send and receive official documents from one place to another. The security it provides is second to none and that is the major reason why people love it. Faxing is mostly preferred by the majority of the people because it is the safest way to deliver documents whose security is of utmost importance.

And for people who prefer security over anything else, faxing is the only way that they can trust and rely upon. This way, besides being a primitive communication method, fax has managed to hold its ground. Even in the present advanced age, faxing is used by many people.

But these people are not delivering faxes as they were delivered in the past. These fax lovers have found a new way to fax their files. And that is through the use of emails. Emails are a present-age thing. When combined with faxing, the resulting product of ‘Email Faxing’ produces really great results. You will see the effectiveness of this method once you progress with this guide.

Email Faxing Tools – An Intro

But these things are not as simple as they look. Email faxing cannot be done directly from any email client since email clients do not support faxing in the first place. So, emails and faxes cannot really cooperate with each other.

For this purpose, you need an appropriate tool that can do the work of an interpreter and translate the work of emails and faxes so that they both can understand and work with each other. The online fax services will serve you for this purpose.

However, not every online fax service can be trusted. Most of them are fraudulent tools to steal your private info. So, it is really hard to find one that can be trusted. But don’t worry, this article will guide you about five different best of all email faxing tools, starting from the best.

Part 1: CocoFax – Email Faxing Like Never Before

CocoFax is the best online fax service to help you fax through email in a hassle-free way. The email to fax and fax to email features of CocoFax is so great that no other faxing tool can surpass it. This way, it always stays on the top.

I know you’re now wondering about the process and all. But there’s only one place where you can get all the answers and that is Google Fax Free. Google Fax Free answers all questions like ‘how to send a fax via email?’, as it’s the perfect blog site and has all the details about online fax services. You can visit Google Fax Free to have a complete know-how of these amazing online faxing tools.

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Google Fax Free has got all the info about the best free fax software, such as CocoFax. For more detailed knowledge, you can visit Google Fax Free and get started with CocoFax right away.

CocoFax is utilized by more than a million people all around the world. These people love CocoFax and enjoy using their amazing services. It is used by not only individuals like freelancers and professionals, but CocoFax is also loved and admired by many big multinational organizations.

CocoFax has also been able to gather the attention of some big media firms like Forbes, Toms Guide, and PCMag. These news sources have reviewed CocoFax in the best way. No wonder, CocoFax is used all over the world for its wonderful services.

Why Is CocoFax The Top One?

Well, the reasons are many. CocoFax is the best software for faxing and has been able to stay on the top due to its top-quality faxing highlights that make faxing an enjoyable task. Here we have listed some reasons that make CocoFax the top one.

30-Day Free Trial

CocoFax has this facility of 30-day free trial that allows you to test its services for a month without paying anything. This testing is good since it lets you decide on which subscription plan would suit you the best. You don’t even have to provide credit card details for this purpose.

Free and Custom Fax Number

Fax number is the most important thing when it comes to faxing. You have to have a fax number so that you can start faxing your documents. In the past days, getting a fax number was a hassle as the phone operator needed to be contacted.

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But things are a lot easier with CocoFax. You no longer need to contact anyone when you have CocoFax. You will get your fax number on your email id. And for a further treat, we’ll tell you that this fax number is free of cost. in addition to that, you can choose a fax number for yourself. Yup, CocoFax is this much good.

Excellent Email Faxing Features

The features that CocoFax provides for email faxing are better than any other fax service in the world. In other words, they are the best. With these features, email faxing is an easy and enjoyable task. You send fax just like you send an email and also receive all the faxes in the inbox tab of your email.

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Part 2: RingCentral

The second spot on our list is for RingCentral. It has managed to grab the second spot on the list of top best tools for email faxing due to its good faxing features and highlights to fax through the email.

It allows you to fax from any email client that you want. This way, there is no restriction on the type of email client that you use. It allows you to fax many pages monthly. You get a pleasurable and modern experience using RingCentral.

However, it does not provide cost benefits as much as CocoFax does. It’s faxing services to turn out to be much pricey and expensive than CocoFax.

Part 3: Fax.plus

Another great competitor in the faxing field is Fax.plus. It offers top quality faxing features to its customers. It will do a good job if you wish to fax your documents using your email.

Moreover, it is affordable and less pricey or expensive. Its services are easy to understand and use. It is rich in features and highlights, however not as much as CocoFax.

Part 4: FaxZero

Then we have FaxZero. It is placed number forth on our list of top best tools for email faxing. it has fine faxing services that do a decent job for faxing through email.

FaxZero has a fax form in which you fill all the details of your fax including the document you want to fax as well as the fax number of the recipient. In case you want to write a message, you can do so through the text box on the form.

FaxZero can send faxes to any fax platform, including fax machines. Moreover, it also supports a variety of document types like pdf, doc, Docx, and many others.

Part 5: MyFax

The last spot on our list of top email faxing tools is taken by MyFax. This is because it is a little bit old-fashioned and is also not as advanced as the top ones on our list. However, it can do well in case you want to fax only once or twice.

MyFax does not have top quality faxing features like CocoFax. But, it also has some pros like a mobile app. It also provides fax numbers for international faxing.


So, these were the top tools for faxing through an email. Although all of them work fine, no fax service can beat CocoFax in email faxing. So we recommend that you use CocoFax for email faxing purposes.

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