4 Best Video Hosting Services For Creators

Video content has become a vital part of almost every campaign. From marketers promoting services to influencers providing a daily dose of entertainment, video hosting sites have everything. However, research is necessary because not all of them offer the same services. Here are the four most famous video hosting websites.


Vimeo is among the best video hosting services. It has been around for several years and offers many different plans to its users. The basic plan is free of cost but has minimal features like it only allows 500 MBs of video uploads per week. The premium plan is the best one, which includes every feature and up to 7TBs of video uploading capacity per week. The higher tier packages have privacy options, editing tools, password protection, customer support, related videos, and Google Analytics.

Users can live stream, with many engagement tools, and teams can get multiple account credentials. However, there are no monetization options for lower plans.


YouTube is the biggest platform for creators, bloggers, artists, businesses, and many other professions in the world. It has a vast user base that is continually going through the website in search of new creators. It doesn’t matter if a big company posts a video or a regular guy with a camera, it is entirely free to use. However, the features unlock as a channel gains more popularity. It is excellent for influencers since their audiences can use a youtube to mp3 converter and watch, or listen, to them even offline.

Creators can get instant feedback from their viewers and even interact with them. It has a great creative studio and also has Google Analytics. However, it is not as good for businesses that want their audience to have an ad-free experience.


It is a very unique video hosting website that allows people to live stream their content. However, Creators don’t have the option to upload any videos, they have to stream everything. But it does offer the feature to save videos after the stream has ended, for anyone who missed it. Periscope provides an excellent engagement experience. Viewers can easily comment on the live videos to share their opinions with the streamer and with other members of the audience.

It can be accessed on mobile devices and many browsers online. It also has a Google Analytics dashboard. It is widely known because it offers unlimited bandwidth. However, there are no monetization tools and the videos can only be saved for 24 hours.


Dailymotion has been a significant player for quite a number of years. It has an extremely friendly user-interface, and the dashboard is seemingly easy to navigate. People make use of the handy privacy settings to limit their audiences. It allows anyone to host their video, and users can even embed their videos onto personal websites. It is completely free but has limits to the length and size of the videos.

It has unlimited storage and bandwidth for every creator, and users can upload most video formats. However, it offers minimal analytics tools and there are ad

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