GLO Yakata offers both new and existing customers 6GB & voice bonus

Glo announces a new special for all their prepaid users, it is called Glo Yakata! This plan doesn’t just favor new customers, it also goes the same for exiting old customers too.

The Glo Yakata plan was firstly announced in Ghana. According to their official website, the YAKATA offers you an awesome voice and data benefits when you buy a Glo SIM.

When you buy a Glo SIM today, you get up to 6GB FREE data every month for all recharges made in a month for 6 months (that’s 36GB of data total) plus a whooping N2,200 on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS.

Note that you can’t get more than 6GB free, meaning as long as you recharge in a month they will give you data until what you have gotten from them in accumulation is 6GB.

That is to say, anytime, you recharge your GLO sim, you automatically receive amazing benefits, free data, unlimited Glo to Glo calls and free minutes to call other networks.

What I love about the GLO Yakata SIM, it is available on both physical and e-recharge platforms. And when you are already on a GLO Data bundle, you can also recharge and it will top-up the already existing data and extend the expiration date.

Glo Yakata special bonus

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Benefits of Glo Yakata

*. Data: You’ll receive 6GB of data for 6-months
*. Voice: Load N100 plus and you’ll will get a total of 2200% values in voice calls, data and SMS
*. If your 1st recharge of the month is N200 or more, you will get a special data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than the regular data benefit
*. Bonus is valid for 7 days

How Migrate to Glo Yakata?

For new customers, it is pre-loaded with the plan. On purchasing any Glo SIM card, you’ll automatically be on the Yakata SIM.

Meanwhile, for exiting customers, the migrating steps is quite simple and straight-forward. Just dial *220# to migrate. While new and old customers are to confirm if you are on Yakata package, by dialing #100# on your Glo line.

What is the bonus validity on Yakata?

Like many other special offers, the Glo Yakata validity date has been set to 7 days from recharge date. That gives you a lot of time to exhaust your bonus freely.

And also note that, you cannot accumulate validity days but you can accumulate your Glo Yakata bonuses.

How much do I pay for making calls on Glo Yakata

*. Glo to Glo calls are charged at 55k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
*. Calls to other networks are charged at 70k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
*. SMS is charged at N4/msg from main account and N14/msg from bonus account

How do I Check my Yakata Bonus?

Simple, all you have to do is to dial #22*1# and it will be displayed to your screen. And lastly, you can’t share your Glo Yakata bonuses, MB with another Glo customer!

9 thoughts on “GLO Yakata offers both new and existing customers 6GB & voice bonus”

  1. Glo gives 6gb worth of data free for all recharges made in a month meaning you can’t get more than 6gb free, meaning as long as you recharge in a month they will give you data until what you have gotten from them in accumulation is 6gb. Airtel gives 4gb for people who have 3g sim and wants to change it to 4g. If you have 4g sim they won’t give you anything . So get your facts right people

  2. I bought Glo Yakata sim today and I was asked to recharge the sim within 24hours of purchase. Sincerely, I initially didn’t plan on recharging the sim till am sure of its validity.

    Anyway, I bought N200 airtime and load it there. I really was excepting to receive the 6gb as a welcome package that they claim. I was alarmed when I check the data balance and saw 250mb. So my conclusion is, Glo Yakata is a faux. Please prove me wrong!

    I’ve been using my Airtel Sim for a while now, and I must tell you it was a 4gb sim. For close to 4months, I’ve used the sim on 3g mode. Just recently, I changed to a 4g phone and immediately I inserted my sim and switched on the phone, I instantly got the 4gb they’ve promised.


    I read all the posts online, they only claim that you just need to buy the sim and make a recharge of N100.


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