For those seeking independence and flexibility in their work, working remotely is definitely a dream come true. But, not everyone has favorable working circumstances at home. Some people struggle with remote working and it is hard for them to stay productive.

In the office, people are provided with a well-equipped infrastructure wherein they can solely focus on work. When engaged in remote working, all those infrastructural facilities are gone. Even for basic requirements like printing, scanning, landline phones, employees struggle.

As an employer, the focus must be on providing every form of infrastructural support to the employees. For employees, the focus must be on ensuring that one’s productivity and motivation towards work is always an upward trend.

So, how do you stay productive while working remotely? With lack of a physical interface and ensconced in the comfort or discomfort of your home, how do you ensure that your work does not suffer?

The below tips will serve as great solutions for being your productive best while working remotely:


Communication is an essential part of remote working. Most organizations are now aware of how 0345 numbers cost way less than the amount of benefit they cater to the organization. With call forwarding facilities, such numbers do not hamper work based on physical location.

You can check WeNumber as to how remote working is rightly uplifted through amazing calling plans and codes rendered at this virtual platform. Therefore, immediately opt for efficient communication plans that allow remote working and call forwarding capabilities.

Staying in touch with your team, subordinates and superiors also create a general air of productivity. Duly reporting all relevant variables ensures that the work is being done in a fine manner.

Developing a Routine

Though remote working enables us with flexibility, it must not be taken advantage of. The creation and development of a routine are very important. Seldom, we take the flexibility for granted and go at our own pace with things.

This impacts our productivity in a way that time is spent with zero prioritization. Time is spent on futile activities and there is an extreme loss of productivity. Therefore, create a routine and stick to it.

Despite being at ease in the comfort of our homes, we must try to schedule our routine and our life. We must strive at keeping our productivity high by honoring our timings, work discipline. These things, however, remote, are noted and appreciated by your leaders.

Dress Code

In addition to sticking to the routine, it is important to look good and dress up. When at work, you must stick to the decency of looking good to perform well. Working remotely often takes a toll on your shaving, bath hours, and even your reluctance to wear formal clothes.

There are video conferencing and other requirements that you still need to cater to. You can’t perform your best in your night pajamas. Even if you want to feel productive, you won’t. You don’t sleep in your professional clothing, then why must you work in your pajamas?

Spice Up Your Routine

You can schedule some added fun to your routine as you curb on commuting hours and post-lunch banters. You can engage in lunchtime yoga or use the morning hours to work out and create a routine.

Your confinement can be made most of if you want to make the most of it. So, you can indeed bring a positive change to your routine in order to stay productive at your work. Beat the lethargy by engaging in positive activities.

Build your Remote Work Space

Working from home does not mean working from bed. You can’t be productive in a space that oozes the sense of lethargy. You have to lift your spirit and you have to lift yourself. To create a workspace at your remote location.

Make the workspace look productive and make provision for a proper seating arrangement. Your back must be supported and your table must be comfortable to work at. The flexibility of working remotely should not take a toll on your posture to work.

The better your posture is, the more comfortable you will be able to work. Hence, you must not go easy and lousy about your workspace. Invigorate it with things that motivate you and you certainly will be more productive than before.

Virtual Hangouts With the Team

It is a blessing that we live in technologically advanced times. It helps us in staying in touch with the people we work with. Virtual number providers like WeNumber help in curbing distances through numbers that do much more than calling.

With its superb range of numbers and competitive prices, WeNumber provides an array of appealing codes by major service providers. The numbers offer a range of services like video conferencing and calling.

In an era where phones can accomplish way more than the traditional methods, why should we stick to conventional modes of communications? Hanging out with the team is as important as working with them.

So, with the right technology in place, ensure that you engage with your team outside of work. This will enhance your productivity as a team.

Stick to Your Office Hours

Make sure that you check in to your system as per the general routine. Do not overdo the leverage of starting work late and ending work late. Stick to your timings and stick to your work routine.

When you have a scheduled time of functionality, your productivity would increase accordingly.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions are natural, and you have to plan your work routine in a way that distractions are avoided and curbed. One peek at the social media, and you would be scrolling through the timeline for 2 hours.

Therefore, understanding your vulnerabilities, keep the distractions to the minimum. Do not give in to social media updates or pings. Keep rest hours for yourself when you can cater to such information.

Plan Your Day

Planning your day when working remotely is very important. If you don’t do that, the entire day would just pass and you would feel like nothing actually got accomplished. Plan your day and plan your day well.

Keep the necessary provisions for your priorities, needs, and routine. You can tick off your list at the end of the day. This will allow you to be productive and on track with your work.

Demand a Quiet Work Space

Not everyone lives in solitude. We have other family members, and in some cases, even children. Therefore, it is important to let others understand your work requirements. Ask your family or other people to keep noise at minimal during your work hours.


Working remotely can actually make you more productive if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Organizations these days understand provisioning for remote working. Therefore they check WeNumber for all leading codes that allow much more than just calling.

Companies are aware of how much 0345 costs and how getting them virtually can save them a lot of money and employee effort. Therefore, make the most of your opportunities and curb the challenges by phasing into remote working.

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