Did you know that; ɢoogle.com & Google.com aren’t the same?

On seeing this, most people will definitely not believe it. But it is actually real and rare. For sure, ɢoogle.com & Google.com are not the same!

Take a look at your google.com unless you can head down to, possibly falling into some dark internet side and you know what means, it can get your important data within some few minutes.

But not to worry, the ɢoogle.com isn’t going to copy and download your data without your permission, as you have suspected, it is too fishy and cunning than that.


Are you a Trump voter? If yes, don’t worry, I think this find you well but if you are not then get out and leave it there. It looks like you can get special access to something by copy-pasting the link to a Google website.

Looking at it properly, the capital G seems smaller than normal, being about the same size as a lowercase letter. Seen it right? Always remember that the ɢoogle.com isn’t actually Google.com or google.com, but by using a special character, it’s pretending to be.


To be precise, it’s Latin Letter Small Capital G, also known as Unicode 0262. The small G is part of a subset of special characters that can also be used in funky domain names like http://√.com or http://日本語.jp.

When you point your browser to ɢoogle.com, it’s actually leading you to xn--oogle-wmc.com, which in turn refers to the following address:


Have you confirm by looking at it? It’s definitely not the same as google.com, and looks spam my enough to potentially do harm to your computer. So I advise that you don’t CLICK on it. It is not as important as other website, you do visit.

Even though ɢoogle.com seems to only be used for Trump spam, other safe-looking links might lead to more harmful websites — and that’s why it’s important to stay aware of where you’re going at all times.

Are you still going to click on it? Well, it all depends on you but I would really like you not to click on it as if your life depends on it! You can Share this on your Facebook, Twitter, G+ timeline or page to inform others.

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