Use Pronet VPN V10.10 with MTN 0.0kobo and Browse Unlimited

So today, we will be showing you the latest steps by steps guide on How to Use MTN 0.0 With Pronet VPN V10.10. We will provide you with the details on how to go about it.

This new MTN tweak works with the all MTN with 0.0 kobo. You can use the same settings has you have on your Psiphon settings or use the below settings.

One thing that I love about this, is that, If you also want to use it with MTN BBLited, just use the same settings as you always have on your Psiphon.

First of all, you have to download the app here and then continue to Set it as below:-
==> Untick Remove Port
==>proxy type:- Real host
==>Proxy server:-
==>Real Proxy type:- http

After that, you can go ahead and Click on SAVE ==>> Proceed by selecting any country of your choice e.g Singapore, UK or Japan and then continue with the below steps:-

==> Click ProNet Options
==> Mark “Connect through an HTTP Proxy”
==> Enable or Choose ” Use the following Settings”
==> Host Address :
==> Port : 8080
You are done, just go back and connect, thats all.

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