Tecno Camon CX (C10) Rumored Specs – coming with dual 16MP camera

Isn’t this tunderfo? Isn’t this Wonderful? Tecno Mobile are at it once again. In 2017,  tecno-mobile will be launching a lot of quite amazing Smartphones into the Market.

This are all RUMORED speculations, might be called either “Tecno Camon CX or Tecno Camon C10” it still doesn’t differentiate the real features and what you and I will enjoy, as we all know, X is the same as 10 in Roman numerals, so any name goes Hand-in-Hand right?

Last two year, we experienced the Safe landing of the Tecno Camon C8, the phone that made Tecno to gain more grounds and weight in Africa especially in Nigeria, beating other companies such as Samsung, Apple a little bit back and they seem not to worry about it.

Later on, we also experienced the ‘Selfie Phone’ which is the Tecno Camon C9, with whooping 13MP front and back camera, you can both take exclusive Selfie photos and back photos without having a single doubts. We also got the Camon C9 Pro and Camon C7, which aren’t bad at all.

tecno camon cx c10

And now in 2017, Tecno Mobile wants to still keep the selfie features in the Tecno Camon Series, as we will not only get to see some awesome front and back camera, the upcoming Tecno Camon CX will arrive with 16MP front and back camera and four camera’s are expected, maybe 2 at the front and 2 at the back.

And not only that, it will also run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, making it the first TECNO PHONE to arrive with the latest Android Operating System out of the box and might also feature Fingerprint Scanner etc. See the key features below.

Key Features

⇒ Display: 5.5” Full HD IPS screen
⇒ RAM: 3GB
⇒ Fingerprint: N/A
⇒ Battery: N/A
⇒ 32GB internal storage
⇒ 16MP front and back camera
⇒ Android 7.0 Nougat
⇒ 4G LTE: Yes

Although, the Tecno CX is not only the Tecno phone that has been rumored and expected to arrive in Nigeria in couple of few months from today, we are also expecting the Tecno Phonepad 2017 and Tecno L9 and L9 Plus.

Camon CX Designs and Display

You will all agree that all Tecno Camon series has been arriving with exclusive beautiful designs and the Camon CX or Camon C10 is not left out. The Camon CX will come in several colors: Blue, Black, Gold, Champagne Gold, and Anthracite Grey.

The antennae lines at the top and bottom too suggest a metallic back cover. The Camon CX will feature a 5.5” Full HD IPS screen and might be way more ‘Slimmer’ and ‘Thinner’ than the other Camon Series.

Judging from the images, the Power buttons, Speaker and Volume key are on the same side and the charging point, earphone plug and microphone are based under.

tecno camon cx smartphone

Camon CX Front and Rear Camera’s

It is no longer ‘Camera’ it is now ‘Camera’s’ due to the four camera, where 2 will be located at the front and 2 will be located at the back with amazing flash! The rumors also have it that the next Camon will come with four flashlight..

And each of the four camera will sports 16MP each which has a 0.1second focus that makes capturing moving object possible without the images being blurred. That is to say, the 2 camera at the front will come with 16MP each making it 32MP at the front and the same camera at the back making it 32MP and 64MP camera totaling the Megapixels of the Phone!

If you will also recall, the dual camera’s was also spotted on the latest Tecno Phantom 6 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus and it has been a kind of trend, because with such huge camera, taking crystal camera will be awesome.

And if this speculations is confirmed to be true then we taking exclusive photos in the dark would be more crystal clearer, even both the selfie aspect and group aspect would be more exclusive!

Camon CX Battery and Memory

As much as we have thought, the upcoming phone will feature a 326GB of internal memory and maybe a MicroSD card slot which might be expanded up to 64GB or 128GB!

And multitasking would be made easier with the 3GB RAM that is arriving on the Tecno Camon CX! Storing of applications, musics, games, videos, pictures and many others will be more soft!

No real battery speculations but it might come with the USB Type C fast charging port and maybe 3200mAH to 4000mAH battery capacity is expected!

tecno camon cx phone

Camon CX Android OS

If rumors are true, then the Camon CX might be the first Tecno phone to run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. With the latest OS, many circumstances and conditions or situation might be averted.

We will enjoy exclusive designs and the interface might look more sharper and clearer including the themes and many more.

Price of Tecno Camon CX

There are different factors that might affect the price of a Android Smartphone, which includes;

*. Stores differentiation: Few Stores tends to sell more costly than another because they have more fame and popularity than others and they most times claims that their products is the best and original of them all. And they includes;
a. Offline Stores and
b. Online stores

*. Locations: One of the major factor that affect price. The price of a products tends to varies from one location to another.

The Tecno Camon CX is one of the best Smartphones to be categorized under the 90k price. Meanwhile, you can also get it at the best price at offline stores.

Right now, you can NOT get the Tecno Camon CX in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana or any other online and offline stores.

Release date and Launching Venue

Rumors and speculation has it that the latest and upcoming TECNO Camon CX might be launched starting from March to April which more earlier than the Camon C9 that was launched in the early weeks of June.

And concerning the launching venue, it maybe Globally that is either in Dubai or any other outside countries they find it hard to launch phone in Nigeria, let watch and see, they should Kwantinue!

tecno camno cx

Where to Buy Tecno Camon CX

In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and other countries, the Tecno Camon CX has been in stock on their perspective Online and Offline Stores in each country.

In Nigeria: You can get the Tecno Camon CX at Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, JiJi (Second hand), 3c Hub, Ponitek etc

In Kenya: You can get the Tecno Camon CX at Jumia, Konga, Phone Place Kenya, Kilimall & Phones & Tablets Kenya.

In Ghana: You can get the Tecno Camon CX at Tonaton.com, Kaymu.com.gh, Tisu.com.gh, Ahonya.com, Zooba.com, Jumia Ghana

In conclusion, right now the Tecno Camon CX would be more amazing than any other Tecno, Infinix or iTel products when it comes to Selfie camera. Stay Updated!

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