MTN Bundle Plan: You need to read the Changes and the New Plan!

The news is bizarre, very strange and it is not welcoming! In this era where we do have a lot of choices when choosing which network to get the cheapest plan, MTN is doing something which is not cool!

It is their company tho, but it looks somehow. Well, lets take a look at the messages sent to all the MTN users exactly on the 4th of October, 2017.

mtn nigeria

Few days ago, virtually all the MTN users received a message from MTN, indicating that they were modifying the 1.5GB plan to give you 1GB plus 500MB bonus which can only be used at night within 1am -to- 7am from the next bundle subscribe!

And hey, it doesn’t only affect the 1.5GB data plan bundle, it also goes to the 3.5GB plan, but here, we have the 2.5GB for all day use and 1GB for night uses, exactly 1am to 7am!

So officially, am welcoming everyone including myself to the newest MTN Night Plan! So, if you are interested in subscribing to any, then you have it to yourself!

MTN New Data Plans

But wait, you don’t like the 1GB or 2.5GB for day and 500MB or 1GB for Night hours, which is the day and night plan? Hurray, you still have something to keep you tight!MTN Plans

Say hello to the new MTN Bundle Plans, where you get 1.5GB usable at any time, both morning and night for just N1200 and it also includes the 5GB for 3500 instead of the 5GB for N2500!

This is the new era of MTN Data Bundle! This isn’t welcoming at all!

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