Rumored Specs of LG V20 “First Phone to run Android Nougat”

LG aren’t joking this time around! Introducing to you, our new and the first Android Smartphone that will be running Android Nougat 7.0 LIVE! It is the LG V20 Smartphone, which is reliable to perform many other amazing features.

And just like the Rumored Apple iPhone 7, the LG V20 will arriving on September 6th, 2016. So get ready to hold iOS 10 latest Operating System and the latest Android Android Nougat 7.0 Smartphone too! So it is now up to you, which of them, you will love!

And nobody might have told you this, the LG V20 which is dual-screen will arrive before Google’s own Nexus handsets. Isn’t that amazing that is the V20 will feature the latest Google OS before the Google Owns Device.

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Although LG has yet to share many details about the new phone’s features, we do know it will be once again sporting dual displays: a main 5.7-inch display, plus a second, always-on ribbon display at the top for notifications and quick app access.

Meanwhile, the V10’s second screen to be one of the best implementations to date, with easy access to audio controls or a quick glance at an email subject line. Other features, like those two front-facing cameras seemed like overkill for anyone who doesn’t need two lens options when shooting a selfie.

LG’s announcement was posted in Korean (i.e. this is all based on translated info), and was not accompanied by any photos or renders of the phone. All we have are a few more tidbits about the hardware, the name, and the OS version.

The LG V20 will again have a “dual front selfie” camera, much like the V10. It will also be the first phone with a built-in 32-bit DAC. A second screen similar to the V10 will be along for the ride too.

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Meanwhile, Google has yet to say exactly when Android 7.0 will be official, but this announcement helps us narrow it down. If the LG V20 comes out in September (not clear in which markets), then presumably Nougat will hit Nexus devices sometime before that.

When we expect the LG V20 to start retailing around the same $600 price point as its predecessor. Stay Updated!

Source; Android Police


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