It is no longer news that all the biggest brand of Android Mobile Platform in Nigeria ranging from Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, and the rest, are now interested in launching powerful Good and portable Device with fingerprint scanner. Although Samsung is the biggest branded company that has launched more phone with fingerprint scanner.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for Infinix Hot S to arrive either this month or before the Q3 of this year 2016. It was heavily rumored that the popular Tecno C9 Android Smartphone will be coming with fingerprint scanner, but it turns out to be the biggest lie.

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innjoo max 3 camera

So today, Innjoo is now planning on launching a new Android Smartphone to be featuring Fingerprint scanner. After the newly launch of their popular Innjoo Fire 2, Innjoo Fire 2 Plus, including Innjoo Halo Plus, Innjoo is also planning on launching another portable and cheap Android Smartphone maybe this year.

Innjoo -who are the big producers of Innjoo Max 2 and Innjoo Max 2 Plus, didn’t want to leave the line of Max Product, Introducing to you Innjoo Max 3 Android Smartphone

We saw the rumored phone on the Innjoo Official YouTube Page. Where they tagged it as, “Beyond Big Vision” Watch the video in few seconds here.

With alot of promising specs, the Innjoo Max 3 is expected to arrive with a lot of good features. And another important specification that the phone is come with, is the camera size. It will be good, if the Innjoo Max 3 camera is just like the camera of Tecno C9. That is 13MP front and Back.

Below are the Rumored Specs of Innjoo Max 3 Android Smartphone

Display and Screen Size of Innjoo Max 3:

InnJoo Max 3 is expected to be a 6 inch Full HD device with supports for Finger Print ID. Meanwhile the price is not yet out. But is expected to be around 30k to 50k. Looking at the Tecno C9, which has is around 50k to 52k.

More specification is still yet to come. The memory of Innjoo Max 3 is expected to be around 16GB, 32GB internal memory which can be expanded to 64GB or 128GB. Which will be capable of taking care of all your music’s, applications, pictures, good videos and many others.

Memory and RAM of Innjoo Max 3:

And for the RAM, Android Smartphones are now arriving with bigger Ray, so it will be very bad, if the Max 3 comes with a 1 Gb or 2 Gb Ram. The Innjoo Max 3 is to expected and rumored to arrive with a 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM.

innjoo max 3

Camera of Innjoo Max 3:

While for the Camera, the Innjoo Max 3 is rumored to come with a 13MP back camera + 5MP Front camera, with its Finger Print ID Scanner, it is capable of breaking the Internet. And it will support Dual Sim specs.

Another great specs of Innjoo Max 3 is the 4G LTE supports. It is very important that are all the upcoming Android Phones come with a 4G LTE because sooner or afterwards, we will no longer hear about 4G but 5G Network, and after all, Samsung will be launching their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge with 5G network.

Innjoo Max 3 Battery:

The Innjoo amazing 3 is expected to arrive with a bigger battery capacity. The Max 3 will be arriving with a 3000mAH to 4000mAH non removable battery. With 3000mAH or 4000mAH battery capacity, you can browse and download with your phone, and it can remain for like 3 to 4 days without charging.

innjoo max 3 specs

Innjoo Max 3 Android Operating System:

Will the Innjoo Max 3 Android Smartphone be arriving with Android 7.0? Actually for the main time, the answer is No! The Android 7.0 is not yet released, so we are expecting Android 6.0 Marshmallows. Maybe, it might be upgradable to Android 7.0. Anyway, for this specs, stay updated.

But the biggest question is will the Innjoo Max 3 supports IPS8 certification? That is waterproof certification. And what about Voltes?. And it will be supporting a Mediatek Processor.Anyway, let’s wait a little more.



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