Official: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Specs & Price – Pre-Order Now!

Finally, the long awaited Infinix Zero 4 is out for Pre-Ordering. To all those that are looking for the Infinix Zero 4 and not the Plus version, Please we would love to inform you that the Phone is now on Jumia for Pre-ordering!

Meanwhile, the Zero 4 Plus version is indeed coming sooner or later. But if you don’t have the courage or determination to wait a little longer for the Plus version, then you might fall for this Zero 4 because the specs are really incredible and amazing.


Rumored Specs of Infinix Zero 4 before Now!

® Optical image stabilization
® FingerPrint ID recognition
® Octa core processor
® 16+8MP rear and front facing camera
® 5.5 HD IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 440 PPI
® Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection
® 3GB + 32GB Ram/Rom
® Android 6.0 Marshmallow + XOS
® Battery: 3200mAh

Indeed, best Infinxi MoAnd looking at it very well, that’s what is happening. And be very informed that the Infinix Zero 4 codename is; X555 & Zero 4 Plus codename is; X602

Real Infinix Zero 4 Official Specs and Price


And here are the features of Infinix Zero 4 Android Smartphone. Including the link to Pre-order the Phone, so that you might get first hand! Calm yourself, take a coffee, sit down and watch as we take you around the Zero 4 World!

Design and Screen Size

The Zero 4 features a Seamless Metal Body and a Gorilla Glass! That is Huge Biko. This shows that Infinix Mobility are not here to Joke and looking at it from a different angle, this is their own back to back version of the popular Tecno Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus!


And not only that, the Zero 4 comes with Elegance, strength, and an amazing in-hand feel due to the brilliant design of Zero 4 with a full-metal nanotech molded body and curved 2.5D TP third-generation Corning™ Gorilla Glass™. With this design, you can take your phone anyway you like because there would be no shyness.

And for the Zero 4 Screen Size Display, it will pack a 5.5 HD IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 440 PPI.That is a good turn up for those who love playing games, musics and many others.

The Camera MegaPixels

Well, this is one of the amazing specifications of Zero 4. It arrived with a 16-megapixel camera with 4X Sharper Zoom and f/2.0 lens, capture important moments with surprising clarity and detail, even when standing at a distance.

And while for the Front Facing Shooter, it arrives with a 8-megapixel front facing camera equipped with panoramic selfie functionality, f/2.2 lens, and front-facing flash. The both camera’s are extra-ordinary made to fit and enhance the users view of everyone.


Infinix Zero 4 allows you to capture selfies that include more friends, more detail, and more environment. And not only that, it also you to take control of your photography with a full range of Pro Mode manual camera controls including focus and exposure, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and macro photography; all built into the native Zero 4 camera.

You would be amazed and happy concerning the clarity possibility from photos and videos shot with impressive optical image stabilization (OIS). The OIS helps to prevent hand shake and low light blurring that often ruin the perfect shot.

And the Laser auto focus technology paired an amazingly sharp f/2.0 lens gives you the power to shoot amazing photos
with speed and accuracy. Time-of-flight laser photon sensing identifies and focus on your subject at the speed of light.

Battery Capacity, Memory, Android OS

The Infinix Zero 4 also arrives with a fast-charging 3200mAh battery with XCharge 3A PE + 2.0 technology. The Zero 4 is the perfect device for on-the-go photography and video capture.

And plus the 3GB + 32GB RAM / ROM, you can download games, apps, install them and also watch series of videos without experiencing a heart attack of Sluggishness.


High performance is nothing but essential for demanding tech-mature lifestyles. Zero 4 answers this demand with an 8X core 64-bit CPU combined with 32GB of ROM and 3GB of RAM.

BUT; For the 4G LTE Network. It is nothing to write Home About! Meanwhile, stay with us for more info about Price!

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