Infinix Note 3 Pro now on Konga Nigeria – Why not Order Now!

Surely, we are going to recall one of the latest Infinix Android Smartphone that was released and launched Simultaneously with two variants, well, it is now on Konga.

To those that have been looking for a way to get this phone in Nigeria, then it is here. Meanwhile, this Note 3 Pro gave a lot of people concerns, they were struggling to get the phone but from where?

It left them with no choice than to go to the Infinix Note 3 itself. The Infinix Note 3 comes with a dual Sim and it also arrives with a 16GB ROM and it is a 2GB RAM.

infinix note 3 pro

Well, as we all know, there is no much different from the first variant of Note 3 and Note 3 Pro the second variants, they both come with the same camera pixels, Battery capacity, screen size, interface and many more but the difference is that 3 Pro comes with 4G LTE while the Note 3 doesn’t.

Right now on Konga, it available in two different colors and that is Crystal Grey (N70k), Gold (N77K), and Grey (N76k). Different colors, different prices.

Are you up for it? Then click on the below Image and order it right now?

buy now

Do you want more specs of Note 3 Pro? Click here. Meanwhile, in a short note, Infinix Note 3 Pro comes with 32GB internal memory, 3GB of RAM and 4G LTE that’s all, the rest are same.

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