For 15 Days! You Can Get Glo 1GB for N100

Disclaimer:- We did not form up this post, just to draw your attention but this post was published, in regards to the message sent to us from Glo.

Sometimes, I keep wondering, if it is because of this Hausa Ramadan, that made Glo to flex us, in this big way. The that means, during Christmas, we will blow. This is the official image of the message:-

glo 1gb for 100

And also, you can read it in full text:-

” Get it easily, 1GB for N100 valid for 15 days! Write 1 and reply, enter online world with tremendous data bundle, Glo Unlimited.”

At first, if you are not confident, it will seem like, somebody is playing with you. Especially, when you have spend some of your little savings for mb and then this? But it is working.

All you have to do is to recharge with your N100 on your Glo sim card and then send 1 to 8070. After some few inutes, you will get a confirmation message. After that, you can check your remaining data balance by dialing #122*22#.

If after trying it and it doesn’t work, then you can try sending PAYU to 127. And also note that, the plan is only valid for 7 – 15 days.

I smiled to some Comment regarding this New Glo 1GB for N100 is really amazing. Someone said, The only way this can happen in Nigeria is when there is stronger competition among mobile operators and this can only be attained if more mobile operators are introduced in Nigeria but to tell others out there, Glo 1GB is working like mad.

And also note because, it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it is scam. The Bible always says;- My people die because of lack knowledge, you have not tested it but you want to believe everything is a scam.

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