Etisalat Rocking with N0.0k on Psiphon App and OpenVPN!


It has been so long that we did wrote anything concerning Unlimited Data Bundle because most times, you will just have to sit and say to yourself “there is nothing like free or Unlimited in surfing the internet”

This has been my mindset for the past days but until I encounter this Etisalat Browsing by downloading OpenVPN & Psiphon. Then, I realize that I have been down the memory lane.

How to Activate Your Your Etisalat Unlimited Data Bundle with OpenVPN & Psiphon

It is very simple, short and fast. All you have to do is to activate the Etisalat Social Me/Chat pack plan via the use of either OpenVPN app or psiphon.

Below are some of the IPs and Port that you can use to setup your Psiphon app and some working OpenVPN configuration files that will also help you to tunnel the plan via OpenVPN.

etisalat psiphon

Please,before you begin this, then you have to note that the OpenVPN files that will be provided can be used for both iOS and Android Smartphones.

The first step to take is to subscribe for the Etisalat social me/chat Pack Plan by dialing *200*3*3*1# > then select the plan you wish to opt-in for. Then proceed by using any of the below configurations.

Setup Your OpenVPN with the Below IP and Ports

===> First Download Configuration.
===> Second Download Configuration.
===> Third Download Configuration.
===> Fourth Download Configuration.
===> Fifth Download Configuration.

Now after that, the next step to take is to download the OpenVPN App and import the configuration files. Just connect and start surfing the internet.

Setup your Psiphon with the below Proxy Address and Ports 8080 3128 3128 3128 3128

Firstly, you are to download the Psiphone App here and then follow the below settings:-

*. Tick Reverse Proxy box
*. Proxy type: Reverse Proxy
*. Proxy Server:
*. Real Proxy Type: Inject
*. Real Proxy Server:
*. Real Proxy Port: 3128

Now Save

*. Tick Tunnel whole device and accept
*. Now swipe to options and select United States as region
*. Go to “more options”
*. Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy…
*. Also Tick Use following settings…
*. Host Address:
*. Port: 3128
Now Connect.

How to Setup the Etisalat IP & Port with Psiphone App

The first phase is done. You can go ahead and connect. But this particular phase is different because you don’t need any IP & Port needed.

1. Download the Psiphon Pro Lite handler here.

2. Install and launch the application.

3. On the handler menu, config using the following details…

i. Tick Reverse Proxy box
ii. Proxy type: Reverse Proxy
iii. Proxy Server:
iv. Real Proxy Type: Inject
v. Real Proxy Server:
vi. Real Proxy Port: 80
Now Save and ensure that you swipe to “options” go to “more options” and leave all field blank. Also go to the mobile network and set APN: etisalat and leave other fields blank. Then finally, CONNECT! But the best plan to be is Etisalat Social me or Chat pack plan because here it also works with N0.0k, but if you’re not subscribed to any of those plans, then it might take time to connect.

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