Okay fine, lets call this competition. Incase, you are not aware of this viral news. Etisalat has just joined the business of the town. All Nigeria Network are changing their Data bundles plan and price.

When Mtn introduce Contact them on Whatsapp as customer care, Airtel Joined. Whereby, you can possibly contact their Customer care. It is supposed to be free and effortless, but MTN isn’t like that. I hope Airtel will do 360 change.

Etisalat Current Data Bundles Plan and Prices

etisalat data bundles

And Now, after MTN has changed their MTN data bundles prices from Higher to lower prices. Etisalat has join them. Although, you can compare Mtn current bundles plan to Etisalat Bundles plan. Etisalat own is still costly.

List of Etisalat Data Bundles Changes

*. 1.5GB for N1k         Dial *229*2*7#

*. 3.5GB for N2k        Dial *229*2*8#

*. 5GB for N6,500     Dial *229*2*3#

*. 8GB for N8k           Dial *229*2*5#

*. 10GB for N10k       Dial *229*2*5#

*. 15GB for N15k         Dial *229*4*2#

*. 20GB for N18k      Dial*229*4*3#

We will continue to update you. Stay Tuned with us.

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