How to Download Videos by Adding “Magic” to Url

This is really wonderful, since the past years that Google started operating and controlling one of the most wonderful and most visited video website in the world (Youtube), there has always been trouble everywhere.

The trouble is not the trouble of watching video but it is the trouble of downloading them. Most times, it is illegal to download youtube videos but today, that’s what everyone do.

So since, downloading of videos from youtube brings joy to some people, tech webmasters has done so many things to make it a reality like using website e.g and application such as Tubemate and the rest.

Download Videos from Youtube by Adding Magic to Url

But today, I am here to show you the best way to download youtube videos without stressing yourself by opening another website or downloading another application, it is all simple, short and surprising.

How to Download Videos from Youtube with the word Magic

Don’t be amazed because of the word MAGIC, all to do is to add Magic in between “You”(Magic)”Tube”. Thats all but below is a more enlightening example.

For instance, you want to download this short video, this is the url to watch the video:-

Then to download the video into your phone, you have to enter the word “magic” in-between like this -and immediately your download will begin.

It is not a hoax but it is a reality, it is working like mad! Try it out and comment if it is working and before leaving share it to other people by using the facebook, twitter share buttons!

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