WE have compiled all the internet data bundle plans provided by all Nigerian Internet Service providers with their prices and subscription/activation codes.

The 4 giant telecom company in Nigeria are Glo, Airtel, MTN and Etisalat, basically that is what we have here.

Why do we go through the stress of compiling this data bundles and their subscription codes?

Well, sometimes you might be looking for the cheapest Internet bundle plan in Nigeria and you might get confused which one to go for.

That being said, this post covers the various major internet network providers in Nigeria namely; MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

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Internet Data Bundle Plans for Glo Nigeria & Activation Codes

Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period USSD Code SMS Code Target Device
Instant Surf N100 10MB 24 hours *127*51# Text 51 to 127 Handset
One Week N400 50MB 7 days *127*52# Text 52 to 127 Handset/PC/tablets
Always Micro N1,000 200MB 30 days *127*53# Text 53 to 127 Handset/PC/tablets
Always Macro N3000 1GB 30 days *127*54# Text 54 to 127 PC/tablets
Always Min N5000 3GB 30 days Text 11 to 127 PC/tablets
Always Max N7500 6GB 30 days Text 12 to 127 PC/tablets
Always Day N500 150MB 24 hours *127*10# Text 10 to 127 Handset/PC/tablets
Silver Plan N10,000 10GB 30 days *127*11# PC/tablets
Gold Plan N15,000 15GB 30 days *127*12# PC/tablets
Platinium N18,000 20GB 30 days *127*13# PC/tablets
Glo G100 N6,000 3GB data limit 100 hours Text 20 to 127 PC/tablets
Glo G300 N15,000 4GB data limit 300 hours Text 21 to 127 PC/tablets
Glo G Work N6,000 3GB data limit 8am – 9pm Text 31 to 127 PC/tablets
Glo G Leisure N5,000 3GB data limit 8pm – 9am + all day weekend Text 30 to 127 PC/tablets

To check your GLO Nigeria internet bundle plan, text info to 127

Internet Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period SMS Code Target Device
MTN Mobile Daily N100 10MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset
MTN Daily Internet N500 150MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN  250MB Mobile Browsing N1300 250MB 24/7- 30 days Text 109 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile Browsing N2,000 500MB 24/7- 30 days Text 110 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 1GB Mobile Browsing N3,500 1GB 24/7- 30 days Text 111 to 131 PC/tablet
MTN Monthly for Mobile N1000 100MB 24/7- 30 days Text 106 to 131 Handset
MTN Weekly for Mobile N500 25MB 24/7- 7 days Text 105 to 131 Handset
MTN Monthly Internet N8000 5GB 24/7- 30 days Text 101 to 131 PC/tablet
MTN Weekend Internet N3000 3GB 9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 days Text 108 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Day Time Internet N6,000 3GB 9am – 9pm, 30 days Text 107 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Night Internet N2,500 3GB 9pm – 6am, 30 days Text 102 to 131 PC/tablet

Below is also Other MTN Nigeria Data Plans that are Time Based (It is known as the MTN Hourly Plans).

Time Limit Amount Activation Code Validity Period
2 Hours N250 Text 2H to 131 2 Days
20 Hours N1500 Text 20H to 131 7 Days
100 Hours N5000 Text 100H to 131 30 Days
300 Hours N13000 Text 300H to 131 90 Days

To check your internet Data balance on any MTN Internet Bundle Plan, simply Text 2 to 131.

Etisalat Nigeria Internet Data Bundle Plans & their Activation Codes

Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period USSD Code Target Device
Etisalat Daily Internet Bundle N100 10MB 24 hours *229*3*1# Handset
Etisalat Weekly Internet Browsing Bundle N500 50MB 7 days *229*3*4# Handset
Etisalat 200MB Internet Browsing Bundle N1,000 200MB 30 days *229*2*1#
Etisalat 500MB Internet Browsing Bundle N2,000 500MB 30 days *229*2*2# Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Browsing Bundle N4,000 1.5GB 30 days *229*2*4# Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 3GB Internet Browsing Bundle N6,500 3GB 30 days) *229*2*3# Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 6GB Internet Browsing Bundle N8,000 6GB 30 days *229*2*5# PC/tablet
Etisalat Night & Weekends Browsing N4,000 30 days *229*3*3# Handset /PC /tablet

To check your data balance on your Etisalat SIM, dial*228# I hope you now can choose which particular network you wish to subscribe to their internet data bundle package.

Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Bundle and Activation Codes

Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period USSD Code Target Device
Airtel Daily Internet Browsing N100 10MB 24 hours *141*712*11# Handset
Airtel Day Internet Browsing N500 150MB 24 hours *141*712*3# Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Weekly Internet Browsing N400 25MB 24/7- 7 days *141*712*9# Handset
Airtel Weekend Internet Browsing N3,000 3GB weekends *141*712*8# Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Lite Internet Bundle N1,000 200MB 24/7- 30 days *141*712*4# Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Night Internet Browsing N2,500 3GB 30 dayS *141*712*7# PC/tablet
Airtel Plus Internet Browsing N5,000 3GB 24/7- 30 days *141*712*1# Handset /PC/tablet
Airtel Max Internet Browsing N8000 5GB 24/7- 30 days *141*712*2# PC/tablet
Airtel Premium Internet Bundle N15,000 10GB 24/7- 30 days *141*712*5# PC/tablet
Airtel Smartphone Internet Bundle N3,000 1GB 24/7- 30 days *141*712*10# PC/tablet

Here you have the Airtel Nigeria Network internet subscription codes for all plan, to check your Airtel Data Bundle Plans on your Airtel SIM, simply dial *141*712*0# or *123*9# for BB, others dial *234#

Update: Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan has been Increased to 3gb For N1,400! Click Here to continue reading.

If you are looking for cheap date plan to use on your PC, then watch out for our next post! But this is only for Glo customers, if glo is not fast at your end, then look for other options.

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