2015 Best Wireless Headphones for Phone, PC and Gaming

IF you are looking for a beautiful wireless headphones or wireless bluetooth headphones that will not just make you happy, but fits your personal lifestyle.
If you are the type that moves around the house with your music, dance on your favorite song while on the move, or you enjoy listening to your favorite song while cooking.

Or you want to listen to instructions on how to prepare your favorite food while in the kitchen cooking, then you need a wireless headphone.

Wireless headphones have a huge advantage, compare to the one with wire. You definitely don’t want to get rusted in wires when you are dancing, cooking.

Believe me, you need a very good wireless headphone to enjoy your perfect situation at all time. Wireless headphones are hassle free and convenient and best of all, they come CHEAP.

We have a lot manufacturer who claim that they produce the best quality of wireless headphones, we do not doubt that, in fact, we have some awesome wireless headphones to buy judging from the customer reviews and performance.

After doing our research properly, I present you with the complete list of wireless headphones to choose from, these depends on the purpose of why you want to buy it and then your budget.

We have a lot of headphones in the market, you might find it a little disturbing to browse through the 100s of headphones. So I done the research for you and here I present you once again, the best wireless headphones 2015.


Rokit Boost Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones – $ 39.99

Rokit Boost Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones

The Rokit Boost Swage 2 headphones are a perfect mix of portability and audio perfection and it is affordable to all.

It is connected via Bluetooth and it enhances your experience of your gadget. Be it an apple device or an android, any device can be synced with the Swage 2.

The Swage 2 runs on rechargeable battery along with micro USB cable to play up to 8hours of your choice of music, and it is design with leather ear pads to make your experience comfortable..

It has an built in mic so it can double up as a handsfree to be connected with your handset. The function buttons are easy to reach as well.

Bluedio H-Turbine Stereo Wireless Headphones – $35.75

Bluedio H-Turbine Stereo Wireless Headphones – $35.75

The Bluedio H-Turbine Stereo Wireless Headphones boast of an excellent bass resonance. Bluedio lets you enjoy the music with best sound quality. You can feel every beat of the music in your chest slowly and smoothly.

Bluedio has Audio Sharing function which allows you to connect to other headphone through an audio cable. It can also connect 2 Bluetooth devices, so you can use your mobile device and tablet.

Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphones- $45.99

Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphones

The Ausdom M04 headphones are cheap and affordable and the sound is awesome. It also proud itself of having the best good battery life with 400Am rechargeable battery giving you 18 hrs of play time including talk time.

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Also this wireless headphone is lightweight, therefore you can easily wear it for long hours and adjustable to audio or phone calls. It has a built in mic to support your mobile phone.

Here you have the best 3 Wireless Headphones for 2015. I will update this list as time goes on.

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