Today, we would be showing you the best and cheapest internet browsing for everyone, both for smartphone including blackberry and javaphones and we are not excluding Pc, laptop or windows.

We are all thanking our creator for giving us a free way into the wondrous month of August despite our wrong doings. So with excitement in my heart, i would be sharing the best cheapest plan for everyone.

Lets start with Etisalat, the below tweaking is for everyone and everybody, meanwhile MTN users are not left out including Glo and Airtel.

To start browsing with Etisalat Unlimitedly, follow the below steps. Firstly, sub for daily (N50) by sending *200*3*3*1*1# to subscribe for package,wait for the confirmed message, then you follow the below setup for PC Users and Android Users using Simple Server.


Now we would be venturing into AIRTEL with Airtel UnLimiNET

And after you have subscribe to this Airtel UnlimiNET -new data bundle eye catching plan, you can use the Normal data allowance. And also, you will remain connected to WhatsApp, Twitter, FaceBook & BBM.

To activate, dial *489# to subscribe.

However, there is another great plan coming right from the officers of Airtel. Here, Airtel reduced the Blackberry plan and android plan to 3GB.

Using BB, you can subscribe for Blackberry phones only by recharging your line with N1,000 and dial *440*1# for 3GB… Meanwhile, for those that uses other device, recharge your line with N1,500 and dial *440*16# for 3GB. Thats all!

cheapest data bundle plan for all network

Etisalat Users… COME IN HERE!


Here, you are required to download extract SS for etisalat by clicking here to a new folder on your desktop background.

Then follow the below configuration before you connect Your Modem:
* APN: etisalat
* Open the file you extracted, double-click “SimpleServer.exe”and make sure its always open.
* Configure your Browsers and IDM: Proxy Port 8080
* Remember to tick: Use this proxy server for all protocols
* Start surfing and downloading till mama call

While Android Users Use this Configuration below:
* Firstly, download Android SimpleServer
* Then install it on your Android Device
* And create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
* Proxy:
* Port: 8080
* APN: etisalat
* Save And Activate it as your default settings.

Launch SimpleServer and Configure the Settings as follow:
* Proxy Host:
* Proxy Port: 8080
* Injection Method: GET
* Injection Querry/URL:
* Injection Host:
* Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
* Log Level:DEBUG
* Close the settings and hit the connect button, surf and keep downloading/streaming until the end of this year (lols).


I know the reason, I said first Mtn users becausee after this, second mtn users thread is down below… Here, there is another great and amazing bundle associated with MTN BB plan using Psiphon… Read Below to enjoy unlimited browsing.

Configure your PC With Psiphon
*. Firstly, you have to subscribe to your favorite BBLITED subscription
*. Then you can download your psiphon here => and then run it as administrator.
*. Now launch the simple server and change any server you see inside to now open psiphon then set like this settings => upstream proxy= port:8080
*. Now save then choose any server U.S.A preferably then click connect
*. It is all done, the last thing to do is to open your firefox settings => network => connections => tick use system proxy settings.

Configure Your Android Psiphon Here
*. Firstly,Download psiphon here
*. Now launch it and configure the handler like this proxy:choose real host
*. Then save it & go to more options => Use HTTP => Use the following setting => port:8080
*. The last and not the least is to choose U.S.A …connect directly and start surfing.


The Glo Overload promo still works wella, you can still see and read everything you need to know about the Glo overload promo by Clicking here!

There is another great bundle available where, you will recharge Your Glo Now and Get 15mb on Every Recharge and also Unlimited free SMS!

The steps is simple to follow, all you have to do is to *170*4# after that, you will always get 15mb on every recharge and also Unlimited free SMS.

Happy Browsing Glo, they have proven to be one of the best and automatic best network in Nigeria.


And again, Mtn is at it again, where you can Download Unlimitedly and Make Free Calls to Any Network In Nigeria! This is indeed great and surprising but trust me, it works like mad.

Here, all you have to do is to load and make use of N200 up in a day and start downloading unlimitedly from the 1am to 5am. Remember, what is required of you, is to just use N200 and download unlimitedly more than your N200 you loaded. THIS IS STRICTLY FOR MTN iPULSE!

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