Airtel Nigeria has just introduced a new plan for blackberry users! With just N1,400 you can now enjoy 3gb for one month.
Telecom companies in Nigeria are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. A lot of other countries have unlimited browsing once the subscribe. But here in this side of Africa, every thing is capped very low.

But we will manage the ones we have for now until a giant competitor come to take the lead – I sincerely hope the Nigeria Government will allow it.

For iphone and ipad users: If you are using iphone/ipad, you can see the Cheap Data Plans For iPad and iPhone in Nigeria

To get back to the matter at hand, The Airtel BB complete plan before now is N1,500 and you get 2Gb. But it has been increased to 3gb and a little less.

Airtel Monthly BB Complete

The Airtel Monthly BB Complete 3gb For 1,400 once activated can be use for 30 days only. Follow the steps below to activate yours today and start enjoying unlimited browsing until you reach the cap which is of course 3gb!

You can also use the Airtel Monthly BB Complete 3gb For 1,400 on your PC/Laptop/Computer and Android Smartphones.

You don’t need any special setting. Just subscribe, insert the SIM on your modem and start surfing using Airtel default APN settings.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan

Dial *431# to subscribe.

Yes, it will work on other device like PC, Android phones and Techo smartphones.

How to check Airtel BB Complete Plan Data Balance

You can check your balance using this code: *123*175#

Update: 23rd January, 2015

Disclaimer: Although this is working on my PC and Android phone, some people who subscribe said it is not working on theirs. (You can see the comments)

Before you subscribe for the Airtel BB Complete Plan, please ensure you have the option to use in a Blackberry Device if it does not work on your Android Smartphones or Computer/Laptop.

I apologize to those who sub. and it is not working on their Android Phone. Trust me, next time, i will test it on both new and old sim card to confirm if it is working before sharing it to the public.

Update 2:

Does Airtel BB complete works on Android Device?

Still on the issue of using the Airtel BB complete plan to browse on Android phones, i have tried another method and it seems to be working perfectly for me! Yes, I subscribe with a pretty new Airtel Sim Card.

But it is not guarantee until I hear from you… So if you have subscribe already and it is not working for you, please use the Old Airtel APN Settings and let us know. Your reply is very important to us and others who are reading this and your comments as well.

I implore all those who dropped comments already to please come back and let us know if it is now working on your Smartphones (Android). Thanks!

If you are a PC user and you are looking for a cheap Data Package, then glo is what you are looking for! You will get 12gb for just N5,000!

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