How to Get Airtel 24GB with N8,000 – Airtel Data Bundle

It is very obvious that there is a huge competition between Nigeria Telecom. And yes, we are going to tap and enjoy them from the beginning to the end.

All this competition started when MTN noticed that Glo has gained more subscribers than them and also than all other Networks. Mtn lost more customers than they have expected. Glo became Nigeria Most Used Network for Data Bundle.

airtel data bundle

How can other Network sleep when Glo can give you N8,000 for 24GB? How can they sleep when you can get up to 12GB with N5,000? How can they sleep when all this is going on? Including N2,000 for 2GB?

This are the questions I frequently asked myself, when I was flexing with Glo Overload Promo, which lasted for up to 4months plus, commencing from Last Year!

So when the real statistic came out, Nigeria Telecom eyes were wide open. MTN and Etisalat then came back to their Data Bundle Plan and then did some kind of shifting and upgrading, especially when it comes to Prices. Lets, go back to the Airtel 24GB!

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How to Get Airtel 24GB with N8,000 – Airtel Data Bundle

I just got this message today by 12:49… As screenshot below. The message reads “ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!! 24GB of data for just N8000. Simply dial *460# to get started. Valid for 30 days

airtel 24gb for n8000

This new Airtel 24gb for N8000 doesn’t have to do with tweak or change of imei. All you have to do is to Dial the aforementioned code and that is all. Remember that , it will last for 30 days!

This Airtel 24GB with N8,000 is really amazing. Have you tested, how to get Airtel 24gb Data Bundle. The step by step is so simple and short, this Airtel 24gb plan can atleast compete with the Glo Overload promo, where you can get Glo 24GB for N8000!

Airtel has also collaborate with Facebook to launch Free Basics Internet and we are currently enjoying Free Browsing. It is a really welcome development.

Etisalat has also done some late Justices to their Etisalat Data Bundle Plan and Price but it is still incomparable to MTN Latest Data Bundle.

Okay, Glo Nigeria has gained more than expected customers from the first past four months of 2016. But I still think, they should sleep back and wait for Nigeria Telecom to take over again! I LOVE GLO Nigeria!

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